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Only waiting till the dawning
Is a little brighter grown,
Only waiting till the shadows
Of the world's dark night are flown,
Till the shadows all shall vanish,
In the blessed, blessed day;
For the morn, at last, is breaking
Through the twilight, soft and gray.

Only waiting till the presence
Of the Sun of Righteousness,
Shall dispel the noxious vapors,
Ignorance, and prejudice.
Till the glory of the sunlight
Of the bright Millennial day,
Scatters all the powers of darkness;
Lights the gloom with healing ray.

Waiting for the Restitution,
Promised in the Holy Word;
When a once-lost race restored, shall
Know and love their Savior Lord.
When each man shall love his fellow;
Justice give, to great and small;
Dwell in love, and dwell in Jesus;
He in us, God all in all.
From "Songs of the Bride."