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I read in a friend's book, not long ago, an extract which commenced with the following words: "The longer I live the more profoundly am I convinced that the all-in-all of practical Christianity may be summed up in two words—'submit and commit.'" Truer words have seldom passed from human pen; and this is the great lesson that grace by her gentle discipline teaches, and that the will of man has to learn. Submit—cease first from thy rebellious self-assertions, and next from thy proud efforts to correct and amend thyself; and then commit—cast thyself into the hands of Omnipotent Love. Claim it of the new Adam that He shall, dwell within thee, accomplish, as He has undertaken, what thou canst not do, and regulate in peace and harmony, under His scepter, the once jarring and conflicting forces of thy nature. So shall there indeed be a great calm, a stillness, a rest within thy consecrated heart, and thou shalt be in a position to make proof of all the wealth of thy promised land—the land that flows with milk and honey—as thou proceedest to live, not only soberly, but righteously and Godly. Only let us take heed lest it should be said of thee or me, reader, "We see that they could not enter in, because of unbelief."—School of Grace.