[R162 : page 8]


It has been a theory with many dear brethren looking for our approaching change, that when the "bride"—"little flock," is changed in a moment, withdrawn from the world, the Spirit of God will leave the earth, and that those left will be without the comforter. We have before this expressed our belief that this view is erroneous, that the second or "great company" which does not escape the time of trouble but go through it and "wash their (world-spotted and stained) robes and make them white, etc.," though not overcomers, and therefore not permitted as part of "the first-born" to sit in the throne and be joint-heirs, are nevertheless Children of God, and as such are entitled to the seal of their sonship the Spirit, and that it will be necessary that they be clean and white, and he sent messengers to have the Spirit to guide them during and through the time of trouble.

We now see by the above type of Rebecca, the servant and her maids, a strong support for this view. Notice that when Rebecca passed under the vail she left the maids with the servant, while Isaac conducted her to his home. So when we pass beyond the vail (our change) the spirit remains with the great company while our Bridegroom conducts us to His throne.