[R249 : page 8]


Ques. BROTHER RUSSELL—Will it be the work of the Millennial age to restore mankind to perfect human being or will they be raised from the tomb perfect men—justified to perfect life by Jesus' ransom?

Ans. It will be the work of the entire age to bring mankind to perfection of human being: It is called "the times (years or age) of restitution"—though all may not reach perfection at the same time, yet all who do not then sin against light—the sin unto death (second death), will be perfected during that age.

They are justified in the sight of God (the Father) by the death of Jesus for their sins, therefore, the Father's law no longer condemns them to the tomb and Jesus by purchase has the control of them and during the Millennial age will "restore all things;" and when all are brought into harmony and perfection—at the end of that age—the Son also delivers up the kingdom to God even the Father—(1 Cor. 15:28.)

Q. When will they who know their Master's will and do it not be beaten with many stripes?

A. The beating referred to (Luke 12:47,48) has reference not to the world but to Jesus' disciples (servants) who will be living in the end or "harvest" of this age. The "little flock" will be "accounted worthy to escape all" while the greater part of Jesus' servants because not in harmony with his plan, etc., will go through the great time of trouble which closes this age and introduces the Millennial age—some of these will pass through a severer ordeal than others, (many or fewer stripes) as they had neglected knowing and doing the Master's will. But the principle will apply during the next age also.