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"And this is the name wherewith SHE shall be called,
The Lord our Righteousness."
Jer. 33:16.

Thy name Oh! Heavenly Bridegroom,
Can we ever hope to bear?
Shall we see thy matchless glory,
And in thy kingdom share?
With smiles of loving welcome,
Wilt Thou say to us well done?
When our pilgrim days are ended,
And our race for life is run?

Yes, I hear Thee sweetly saying,
In words of love divine,
"If now with me thou'lt suffer,
My glory shall be thine.
If now with me thou'rt crucified
New life to Thee I'll give,
And through eternal ages,
My bride shall with me live."

Oh glorious fount of blessing,
We will haste without delay,
Our little all, to Thee to give,
Who dost such joys repay;
We care not Lord for earthly fame,
Its honors, or its pride,
But let us bear Thy sacred name,
And own us as Thy bride.

Thy name above all others grand,
Which Thy waiting bride shall own;
When Thou shalt call her to thy side
And share with her Thy throne;
Through realms of fadeless glory,
Shall all its power confess;
And every tongue on earth shall praise,
"The Lord our righteousness."

Mrs. A. Agens, N.J.