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DEAR BRO:—Your letter received. I shall try to go on in strong faith in all circumstances, believing the "many and exceeding precious promises" "so Christ shall be magnified in my body" by life or by death. Am working more each day, for delivering personally, calls for more preaching to twos and threes, and is very precious to them and me. I avoid those "wise" men who know it all, whose creed is all and in all for them, and go to those really truth hungry, among whom I find Christ's most precious people and also many infidels. Some days do not get far and then have appointments for the evening. Truly the views we hold are true Gold to a large and increasing class. Most timely was the tract project from every point of view. As the poor teaching and want of teaching among the clergy increases, many look out to gather rays of light. I am asked to come Sunday at one o'clock to make the third meeting with an intelligent couple, members of the M.E. church who let me talk by the half hour and hour, seeming to drink in the doctrine and rejoice in it. Last night I spent an hour with them before prayer-meeting when I was asked to go along and testify there of these precious things. I had to remind them I dare not do so fully, and of the opposition and even abuse I met almost everywhere. I may give you some incidents in detail again that will rejoice your heart.

Found the free Methodist's very fair. The treatment better than I got anywhere else. Gave the pamphlet to sixteen preachers and one hundred of the most intelligent of the church membership, attending the conference from all over the state, beside in a large number of cases, also adding a word that will make the book more living for the personality attaching to it. That is the reason I talk to so many that I give the books to; so I get their attention to the book more fully. Am generally asked for explanations of our views, and though neither powerful nor eloquent of speech, I get attention to the book by complying. Thank God for the wider field thus opening. May the will of God be done in poor me, and His name get honor and blessing forever.

Yours in Christ,
J. B. A.