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A little while, our fightings shall be over;
A little while, our tears be wiped away;
A little while, the presence of Jehovah
Shall turn our darkness into Heaven's bright

A little while, the fears that oft surround us
Shall to the memories of the past belong;
A little while, the love that sought and found us
Shall change our weeping into Heaven's glad

A little while! His presence goes before us,
A fire by night, a shadowy cloud by day;
His banner, love-inscribed, is floating o'er us;
His arm almighty is our strength and stay.

A little while! 'Tis ever drawing nearer—
The brighter dawning of that glorious day,
Blest Savior, make our spirits' vision clearer,
And guide, oh, guide us in the shining way.

A little while! Oh, blessed expectation!
For strength to run with patience, Lord we cry;
Our hearts up-leap in fond anticipation.
Our union with the Bridegroom draweth nigh.