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We regret to say that the Nov. and Dec. 1881 issues of the TOWER, are all gone. However, the new readers should all have them; therefore we will republish them as soon as possible. All who want them should send a postal card. We published 6,000 of each of those numbers, and at the time, supposed that sufficient.

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Of the present issue, there will be 10,000, which we expect will be sufficient for all requirements. We send the present number to many whose wrappers were marked to stop with last number. This is because, being overcrowded with fresh mails, we had not time to correct all of our list, and to some others, it is sent because of the Supplement, which we hope may be acceptable and profitable to them.

We have plenty of tracts and September numbers, which you can have for free distribution by asking for them. Be discreet in their use, giving only to thinking Christians, so far as you can know, accompanying them with some words of your own. It is better to lend than to give them. Make a list of those to whom you lend, and never let them be idle.



As a supplement, we send you "The Tabernacle and its Teachings," referred to in several previous numbers, and on the back of the pamphlet,



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Questions and Answers are crowded out of this issue.