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MISTAKES will occur from various causes, and some of our subscribers fail to receive their papers. If you have subscribed and paid for the paper, or if you have asked to be put on "the Lord's poor" list, within a year, and do not receive it, be assured that if the fault is ours, it is unintentional.

All such will oblige us by sending a postal card, stating their case, and we will attend to it. The trouble is often caused by irregularity in country post-offices, and many times by incompleteness of address furnished us. Please be very particular, and on every letter or card give your full address. Write it very plainly; we have a number of letters, the addresses of which we cannot decipher, and on which much valuable time has been wasted.

IN consequence of our decision to publish the "Millennial Day Dawn," the Oct., Nov., and Dec., 1881, numbers of the WATCH TOWER will not be re-published as once proposed. The three leading articles of those numbers will appear in the book.

SUNDAY evening, April 2d, after 6 P.M., will be the anniversary of the "Lord's Supper"—that date corresponding to the time of its institution as mentioned in our last issue. We again remind you of it, and suggest the appropriateness of its celebration on that occasion. We would be glad of a card from all companies of three or more who meet and celebrate it.