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Man formed by God.—Gen. 1:27.
In God's likeness.—Gen. 1:26.
With all wants supplied.—Gen. 1:29.
With dominion over all earthly things.—
Gen. 1:28.
Pronounced very good.—Gen. 1:31.
Made upright.—Eccles. 7:29.
Under law.—Gen. 2:17.


Hearkened to another rather than God.—
Gen. 3:17.
Brake God's command by eating.—Gen. 3:6.
Transgression of law is sin.—1 Jno. 3:4.
Sin by Adam entered the world.—Rom. 5:12.
Adam's posterity in his likeness.—Gen. 5:3.
Many dead by the offence of one.—Rom. 5:15.
Scripture concludes all under sin.—Gal. 3:22.


The wages of sin is death.—Rom. 6:23.
Adam driven from the tree of life.—
Gen. 3:24.
Completed his death in 930 years.—Gen. 5:5.
All die in Adam.—1 Cor. 15:22.
Death as a jailer.—1 Pet. 3:19.
Death an enemy.—Jer. 31:16.
Death controlled by Satan.—Heb. 2:14.


Help from the Lord.—Isa. 41:14.
God will come to save.—Isa. 35:4.
Redeemer shall come.—Isa. 59:20.
He shall redeem Israel.—Ps. 130:8.
Graves to be opened.—Ezek. 37:12.
Grave to be destroyed.—Hosea 13:14.
Death to be swallowed up.—Isa. 25:8.


Brought by God's own arm.—Isa. 63:5.
A Saviour. Glad tidings to all.—
Luke 2:10 and 11.
Christ redeems from the curse.—Gal. 3:13.
Christ's blood cleanseth from all sin.—
1 Jno. 1:7.
A free gift to all men.—Rom. 5:18.
Christ lighteth every man.—Jno. 1:9.
God in Christ reconciling the world.—
2 Cor. 5:19.


Of body.—Rom. 12:1.
Of mind.—Rom. 8:9.
Of influence.—Phil. 3:7.
Of reputation.—Luke 6:22.
Of time.—1 Peter 4:2.
Of talents.—Rom. 12:6.
Of substance.—1 Cor. 16:2.


In name.—Acts 15:14.
In power.—2 Tim. 2:12.
In position.—Rev. 3:21.
In influence.—Rev. 3:12.
In privilege.—Rev. 2:7.
In honor.—2 Thess. 2:14.
In condition.—1 Jno. 3:2. J. F. SMITH.

[It will be noticed that the first five of these stages belong to both the Church and the world. The last two apply only to the Church, the world being restored or brought back to the first condition eventually.—ED.]