[R519 : page 7]


Mr. Oliphant, the great advocate and mover in favor of the restoration of persecuted Jews to Palestine, says:

"That one of the first countries which must be affected by an independent Egypt, is Palestine, which lies on its borders, is certain; that it must of necessity become the first upon which the destinies of the adjoining countries must turn is no less self-evident. As our (England's) policy in Egypt develops—as, under the pressure of circumstances it is inevitably bound to develop, the assurances of the government notwithstanding—with the virtual administration of the country by England, the national susceptibilities of France, Russia, and Italy, already strained almost beyond bearing, will find active expression. Compensations will be demanded, which must infallibly be the prelude to conferences, or wars, or both, when the Europeans will have to consider French claims in regard to Syria, Italian claims to Tripoli, Russian claims to Armenia, and the problem of Palestine and the holy places will present itself as the first for solution. We shall not, therefore, have long to wait before the fate of Palestine will become a burning question."