[R965 : page 7]


It is a self-evident truth that the age of doctrinal uniformity has gone past; equally obvious that no doctrinal platform whatsoever, however comprehensive and liberal, can serve as the gathering-place of deep, profound, and Christ-like thinkers. This raises an issue at once threatening evil and disorder, and yet prophetic of good and harmony. The only truth capable of bringing about a reconciliation of divergent opinions, or which will help to spread genuine charity, is that there is a church forming within all churches, and in the minds of all true and noble thinkers, disclosing to all true minds higher views of truth than the sects can any of them hold, and imparting to all intellects that turn to the Lord, a life which the sects as such cannot give; that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming nearer and nearer in spirit, and that this energy is creating a new thought, and an entirely new affection among men; that this spirit is not evolving a new sect or ecclesiasticism to which men point and say, Lo! here, or Lo! there; it is a quickened spirit from the Lord, and out of that spirit a new theology will arise, more reverent, more heavenly and practical, before which the old scragged dogmas will melt off and fall away.—Progressionist.