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Janesville, Wis., May 7, 1887.

TOWER PUB. CO., GENTLEMEN:—I have finished reading "M. DAWN," Vol. I.

Evidently this is a work of too great importance to be left incomplete. It is also one of such interest to those who are interested, that (speaking as one) we would prefer the ideas to be included in volume II. in a rough dress and without the polish of the well rounded sentences which characterize Vol. I. rather than wait a single day longer than is absolutely necessary—and trust to time and opportunity for the author to do the polishing on a second or subsequent edition.

Will you kindly let me know where, and the very first moment when, Vol. II. can be procured.

Very Truly Yours, WM. W__________.

[We are glad to learn through this and sother means that the truth is finding the truth-hungry and causing their hearts to rejoice in hope of the glorious outcome of the great divine plan of the ages. Vol. II. of MILLENNIAL DAWN will be pushed as rapidly as limited opportunities will permit. We hope to have it out early in 1888. Meantime let a thorough acquaintance with the plan of God and its Bible evidences prepare the way for the stronger meat of Vol. II. which will further establish the truth upon a chronological basis, showing how the great clock of the ages marks with wonderful precision the exact time for every advance step in the great plan of the ages.—EDITOR.]


"HE WHO has learned to seek nothing but the will of God shall always find what he seeks."


BROTHER BOWMAN writes as follows:—

Moultrie Co., S.C.

MY DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Having spent part of the winter and the early spring in the city of Wilmington and three or four counties in N.C. in preaching the grand and glorious truths set forth in the (incomparable) MILLENNIAL DAWN, I am now here staying with one of my sons, where I expect to remain the balance of the summer. The greatest opposition I meet with in proclaiming these truths is from Second Advent preachers. O how strange! I am the first man that ever preached Second Advent doctrines in S. Carolina, and now because I have taken, as I conscientiously believe, another step in advance, I am branded the second time as a heretic. Well, be it so. The good Lord be praised. Wherever I go the people receive me and these truths with gladness. If I live until next September, I will be 78 years old; so you see what I do must be done quickly. Please send me here some reading matter for distribution. If I had a dollar in the world, I would send it to you. May a holy God bless you and your dear wife in the great work you have undertaken. I am yours in giving all for Jesus and his glory.


[DEAR BROTHER B.:—I well remember hearing you speak as a champion of Second Adventism in Philadelphia, Pa., about twelve years ago. You had come among them from the Baptists, I think. I then thought you honest, and longed to have you see "the way of God more perfectly" and afterward I sent sample TOWERS to your address. I am glad to note your present clearness and zeal. Surely our Lord's words are fulfilled to each and all:—"If any man will do my Father's will, he shall know of the doctrine."

Though old, you have a strong constitution Brother, and the Master is able to sustain it in his service. I therefore suggest to you the sale of paper bound DAWNS throughout southern cities and towns. The "expense allowance" will pay your way, and as one brother writes, so you can say to yourself: "If I can sell 100 books per week that is preaching 16 sermons to 100 people counting each chapter a sermon." May the Lord richly bless and use you in the present "harvest" work, is my prayer.—ED.]