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Still they go, you will be glad to learn. MILLENNIAL DAWN VOL. I. is now in its fiftieth thousand. Forty thousand have already gone out, and ten thousand more are now being printed and bound.

This was our first proposition—the hope first expressed—that before 1888 fifty thousand copies of DAWN would be in the hands of the people. Three months yet remain of this year and we want to suggest what is possible through still further faithfulness of the harvesters. It is possible to have twenty-five or fifty thousand more out by Jan'y 1st. 1888. How?—By the Colporteurs who are selling DAWN continuing their present averages, or increasing them as the cool weather will permit; by more of the brethren and sisters entering this branch of the "harvest" work; and by all others of the readers of the TOWER doing what they CAN.

What can the others do? They can each sell from four to twenty copies, or can use that number for loaning, though to sell is better, because people are almost sure to use what they pay even a small price for. So then, God knows and we know the possibilities; and as the New Years' TOWER comes to you, all will see how faithful the servants have been as a whole. Some we are sure can do no more than they are now doing, though some others we fear are "slothful servants." But the "View" in the September TOWER has seemed to awaken and quicken many previously asleep, or overcharged with the affairs of this world, for which we thank God.