[R1003 : page 5]

"I HAVE been reading about holiness," said one to me the other day: "I do wish I could find it."

"Find IT?" I said, "you mean find HIM. Holiness is in Jesus. As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God."

A week after my friend came to me with a radiant face: "I have found it in HIM."

We think and talk of holiness as if it were getting into the King's garden, climbing over a wall by a tremendous effort, or getting in as a great favor, and plucking a flower which we wear in its fragrance for a day, then keep it pressed and treasured, a faded remembrance of the King's grace. No, holiness is ours only when we open the door of our heart [R1003 : page 6] unto the King that He Himself may come in and make this barren place the garden of the Lord, a very paradise wherein He may walk and talk with His child.—Sel.