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The following at our request is from our dear Brother Tackabury, whom old readers of the TOWER remember as formerly a Methodist minister, who was made free from sectarian bondage by the blessed harvest truth. Subsequently he was engaged with us in the important, though personally obscure field of labor of Z.W.T., where he did efficient service in preaching the blessed gospel by letter and otherwise to many of the scattered saints, holding up Christ as the one altogether lovely while self was kept in the background.

While we sympathize with our dear Brother in his present affliction, we rejoice with him in the prospect of an early fruition of our glorious hope.


Dear Brethren and Sisters—readers of ZION'S WATCH TOWER:—It has been my privilege to enjoy Christian fellowship with some of you by personal association, and I believe that to all of you I am united by that tie (love) that binds together the children of God everywhere, in one family.

I am comforted with the thought that many of you with whom I have personal acquaintance, show your sympathy and interest by making inquiry after my welfare.

To know that my dear brethren and sisters thus kindly think of me alleviates my sufferings and enables me the more cheerfully to endure affliction. It is now more than two years since I was attacked with a difficulty of the throat and lungs, and though I was quite thorough in its treatment, none of the remedies used gave more than temporary relief; and from the first, my physicians held out but little hope for my recovery.

At times during this period I have been very much prostrated, and it seemed that my change could not be far off, but to the surprise of all who know my condition, I have as often rallied and nearly recovered the strength in which the attack found me.

At present I am comfortable except the severe spells of coughing which, however, are only occasional.

During the whole of may sickness the Lord has been present to sustain me, and I have been enabled at all times to say from the heart, "Thy will, not mine, be done." At times the thought of being "forever with the Lord," makes me long for the end of the warfare and the union with Jesus our head, and all the "elect"—members of his body.

How glorious thus to be permitted to enter on the work for which he has called and is perfecting his Church! On the other hand, when I know that error is being preached so persistently from almost every pulpit in this land, and throughout Christendom, and that great efforts are being made to spread these errors among the heathen nations, I long for strength to raise my voice for the truth. But the decree has gone forth that the darkness of error shall give place to the light of truth, and whoever may fail, the work will go on till all God's promises shall be fulfilled.

That each one of the saints may be faithful and lay hold on the grace that is sufficient, is the prayer of your fellow-traveler in the narrow way.