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The following letter is from the Editor's beloved father, who has past his threescore and ten: it shows his deep interest in the truth, and though neither a public speaker or writer, he is a minister and ambassador for the Lord, seeking continually to be used to the Master's honor, by letting his light so shine as to glorify our Father in heaven.

Manitee Co., Fla.

MY DEAR SON:—Your kind and welcome letter came duly, and I infer from its tenor that you are all well. However much I like to hear from you often, I am satisfied that you have not much time to give to writing letters and therefore will excuse you, when you do the best you can. We are in comfortable health at present, though I am far from rugged or strong. I feel that the Lord is dealing very graciously with us in all things, and that we have great reason to be very humble and thankful for his mercies, and I do feel thankful and contented. The world and the things of the world do not trouble me as they used to do. I take great pleasure in thinking of the goodness of our Heavenly Father in giving us the light of His glorious plan of salvation, and of establishing our faith in Christ Jesus our Lord as the only way to obtain eternal life. This hope and this trust in Jesus alone for salvation, is daily strengthened in me, the more I see of the various dogmas of conflicting creeds. The most regret I have, and the only thing which makes me feel dissatisfied with myself is, that I cannot do more than I am doing for the cause of truth, and to communicate to others the blessed truths we so much enjoy. We had a precious season here on the anniversary of the death of "Christ our Passover," though there were but three of us. We remembered the gathering at Allegheny, as well as all the scattered sheep, and knew even before [R1034 : page 2] the April TOWER told us, that you would have a precious season and remember us at the throne of grace.

I am glad to know that Bro. Zech has concluded the translation of DAWN into the German language. Tell him I compliment him on having accomplished his work in so short a time, considering other work. You are all doing a great work, and I pray that you may be very successful in your undertakings in the future, as you have been in the past. Send me 300 missionary envelopes. I have some of the "Arp Tracts" yet. Please send me about five or six more February TOWERS. I will state to you that if you find any one wanting to buy wild land near Pinellas, I want to donate 10 acres to the WATCH TOWER TRACT SOCIETY, but I am unable to find a purchaser here at present.

We here, all join in sending love to you all. Your loving father.


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Graham Mines, West Va.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—It is some time since I learned of your valuable paper Z.W.T. It was in the Jan. and Febr. Nos., I saw the complete Bible Denunciation of the Orthodox view of Hell. I shall try to work for the "TOWER" what time I can spare from my farm this summer. From what I have seen of your publications, you are certainly doing a grand, and it must be an appointed work; and may the good Lord stand by you on Zion's wall to proclaim what the signs of promise are. Yours in hope. J. J. B.

Neshannock, Pa.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—The Arp slips have been scattered broadcast throughout this locality, and also the few Dawns that Bro. Wise and myself have been able to sell and give away, have caused a grand confusion. The nominal churches are denouncing us, and specially warning their congregations to not even allow a scrap of paper of any kind we may send out to come into their homes, and warning their children not to read anything of the kind. But thank God though the Devil may use all the forces he can command, it is only stimulating us to greater efforts, and we can already see some fruits of our labor. God is not an idle spectator of what is going on. He is not allowing the devil to have all his own way. He, as we believe, has plucked one soul as a brand from the burning [out of the confusion and distress of Babylon—into the joys of truth]. Glory be to His name, for he is worthy of all praise.

Your poor unworthy brother rejoices that his name is cast out as evil, and that the finger of scorn is pointed at him; having the blessed privilege of suffering it for the Master's sake. Pray for me that my faith may wax stronger in the Lord. God bless you and yours, and all the faithful ones is my earnest prayer. Yours in fellowship and love. I. W. M__________.

Macon, N.C.

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—We want the TOWER, but as yet we are unable to send any money. It seems strange to us, but it is true, that before we saw the true light and tried to walk therein, we could pay for publications, but because of this truth many around us, (in sectarian churches,) make it as hard on us as possible, and then ascribe it to "Providence" because we are wrong. But we do not see it so. We see in this, that we are on the right road. In this age we are not promised riches, but tribulation; and we prefer to be poor now and rich hereafter, dishonored now, and honored in the coming age. We know our Father knoweth what things we need. We will continue to work and do the best we can and send you some money when we can.

Send us some Arp slips if you can for circulation. May God bless you with grace, more wisdom and knowledge in the truth, and means to sustain you.

Yours in the hope of eternal glory.

J. W. P__________.

Sharon, Wis.

EDITOR TOWER, DEAR BROTHER:—Last issue of TOWER at hand some time since and eagerly read, and next issue longed for. I have been a follower of Christ for four years or more and have been a close student of His Word, but never saw the truth as I now do on reading Dawn. It has been my purpose to enter college and prepare for the ministry, but on account of circumstances the way has never been opened, and I now believe God has restrained me to take up this work in a different way—not to become bound to the traditions of men or sects.

I am loaning Dawn. The M.E. minister here is studying it now, and being a bold preacher, if he could be brought into the light, I am sure he would be a power.

Hoping to receive some suggestions on best manner of going to work, I am,

Yours in Christ. C. H. D__________.

Garvanzo, Cal.

DEAR SIR:—With this request for four "Dawns," I must say a word. I have only lately heard these "Glad tidings of Great Joy." I have only just begun to follow after this glorious blessed truth. Would that I had heard of it years ago; but now by His help and guidance I mean to press forward, and spread the truth as set forth by the "TOWER." May God abundantly bless and prosper you in this work. Please send me 300 or 400 of the Arp slips, and I will distribute them to best advantage in my office, and send four of the 25ct. edition of "Dawn" for distribution also. I expect to send for more soon.

Yours most sincerely. R. L. B__________.