[R1039 : page 3]


"Zion, arise, break forth in songs
Of everlasting joy;
To God eternal praise belongs,
Who doth thy foes destroy.
Thou Church of God, awake, awake,
For light beams from on high;
From earth and dust thy garments shake,
The glory's drawing nigh.

"To raise thee high above the earth,
God will his power employ;
He'll turn thy mourning into mirth,
Thy sorrow into joy.
In shining robes thyself array,
Put on thy garments pure;
Thy king shall lead thee in the way,
That's holy, safe and sure.

"In thee, the Lord shall place his name,
And make thee his delight,
And place on thee a diadem,
Divinely fair and bright;
And thou shalt be the dwelling place
Of him that reigns above.
Yes, thou shalt be adorn'd with grace
And everlasting love.

"The joy of nations thou shalt be;
A bright and shining light;
For God is in the midst of thee,
To keep thee day and night.
He'll bring thy wandering children home,
And gather those without;
And with a wall of jasper stone,
Will guard thee round about.

"Arise, O Zion, praise thy King,
And make his name thy trust;
With joy and triumph loudly sing;
For he is true and just.
O Zion, sing with truthful voice,
Thy great Redeemer's praise;
In his almighty power, rejoice
Throughout eternal days."