[R1074 : page 6]


"He that hath received His testimony hath set the seal that God is true." (John 3:33.) "A friend gives me for the Orphanage a check, which runs thus: 'Pay to the order of C. H. Spurgeon the sum of L.10.' His name is good, and his bank is good, but I got nothing from his kindness till I put my own name at the back of the check or draft. It is a very simple act: I merely sign my name, and the banker pays me; but the signature cannot be dispensed with. There are many nobler names than mine, but none of these can be used instead of my own. ...I must myself affix my own name. Even so, each one must personally accept, adopt, and endorse the promise of God by his own individual faith, or he will derive no benefit from it."—Spurgeon.