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It is surprising in this day of comparatively independent thought, how willingly and stupidly some submit themselves to the yokes of sectarian bondage. But the following is a sample of how some do so. Had the apostles and early disciples acted so, they could not have believed or followed Christ. No more can such follow him to-day. The blind, and the leaders of the blind, shall together fall into the ditch, into the "great tribulation" shortly to overtake them.

The harvest of the age is upon us; but the blind guides of Babylon are utterly indifferent, even when their attention is called to it, and the stupid indifference of those whom they have effectually rocked to sleep is utterly unworthy of the knowledge. Surely the thunder-bolts of His wrath will be necessary to awaken them.

Augusta, Ga.

DEAR FRIEND:—It is now some months since you were kind enough to forward to my address the Millennial Dawn, Vol. I., Plan of the Ages. Immediately on its receipt I placed it in the hands of my spiritual adviser, Rev. T. M. Lowry, (I am a Presbyterian in faith.) to know if I could place it in the hands of my wife and children. He only returned it to me yesterday, and advised me not to do so. Consequently I now return it to you, with many thanks. Very truly yours,

J. G. B.

How strongly in contrast with the above is the following, which came in the same mail. It reminds us forcibly of Acts 17:11,12—"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Therefore many of them believed." (Compare with verses 2-6 and 13.)

Osceola, Mo.

DEAR FRIEND:—I have not yet fully read the entire volume (Millennial Dawn Vol. I.) but the spiritual benefit already received is untellable. The gates of the eternal kingdom have been opened wide to me, whereas before, the gates were but "ajar." I shall feel blessed indeed, if I have no other mission than utilizing the columns of my magazine to spread abroad the "glad tidings" of this "new revelation," and "Plan of the Ages." With deep respect, Yours fraternally,

V. B. W.