[R1102 : page 3]


"Why don't you enter in?
Into the work that calls for you,
Into the promises grand and true,
Into the inheritance that waits:
Why stand and weep without the gates,
O sorrowing one?

"You say you cannot see
Why, if He loves, He grieves you so,
Why thro' this path He made you go;
O if you'll enter in to-day,
He'll show you in His own sweet way,
Dear suffering one.

"But you will enter in,
I am so sure, some blissful day,
And then, you'll joy to hear Him say,
Why you have suffered and wept so sore,
And you will see your sorrow was the door
To let you in.

"He lets us in,—
O Alchemist divine, O wondrous sight!
Our counted tears all changed to jewels bright,
When we have entered in the secret place,
Where He reveals the wonders of His grace.
Then we can see the "all things" of His Word!
When we have fully entered into the will of God.