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[The following is from Brother Weber of Maryland. Though a florist and gardener on a large scale, he is not seeking worldly prominence or wealth, but divine approval and heavenly riches. To do this he uses his garden, hot-houses, etc., as ways and means for honoring the Lord by spreading the truth. He is out as much as possible in the "harvest" field selling DAWN Vol. I. A man of keen business judgment and good address, he enlists his best endeavors in this highest service—the service of God—and we believe is laying up treasure in heaven.—EDITOR.]

MY DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:—After taking leave of you, Wednesday evening 6th, I arrived in Frederick, Md., next morning at 9:30 A.M., and started out by 10 o'clock and distributed Arp tracts the remainder of the day. Next morning I started out at 8:30 and sold that day 32 of DAWN Vol. I., and next day 22. Saturday being a pleasant day, a great many were not at home, which cut my sales short that day. The week previous I used a day and a half in the same way and sold 55 books; and altogether in the 4-1/4 days I have sold 109 books. I only wish I could give my entire time to this blessed work, but other duties will not permit me yet to do so. But I hope as soon as I see my way clear, nothing shall prevent me from doing so. I realize the privilege of being [R1109 : page 7] a co-worker with the Lord in this evil day; and selling DAWN is certainly the most effective way of preaching the real Gospel, thus placing these blessed truths right in the hands of the people. This certainly is the best way of preaching, and if we are confronted with the blind leaders who will not buy them, we have then an opportunity of bearing witness to the truth by word of mouth.

May our dear Brethren and Sisters who can give their time, see the privilege of doing all they can, so they may have the Master's approval. I will close with best regards joined by Sister W. to you and Sister R. and all the friends. Yours in fellowship and service of the truth. H. W.