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The Missionary Envelopes are not so generally used as we could wish. They are neat, cheap, and certainly attract attention and do good. Every letter of business or friendship we write, should go in one of these envelopes, accompanied by an Arp Tract or Old Theology Tract, or both, as judgment may dictate, and thus carry the good tidings in addition to what you write. We have already printed about 80,000 but the quantity should be a million or more by this time.

The price is low, merely designed to cover cost, postage, etc.; but if our readers or their friends use a cheaper grade of envelopes and buy in large quantities (5000 to 20,000 at a time), for use in mailing circulars, etc., we will be pleased to supply such at a rate that will correspond with the price of a cheaper grade—at a loss—in order to do mission work in this way.

But, see that you send no orders from disreputable or dishonest firms who might use the envelopes because attractive—whose dealings might reflect against the truth.