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Cheerfulness is one of the loveliest graces of the Christian character. It belongs to those noble natures whose very presence carries sunshine with them wherever they go.

Sometimes we look into a face which is so cold and repulsive, dark and gloomy, that it makes us feel almost blue to look at it, and which betokens no joy in the heart, no nobility in the soul, no generosity in the nature; the whole character as cold as an iceberg. And again we meet a face so bright, smiling, cheerful, happy, that one glimpse of it does our very souls good, and is like an inspiration to us. And we feel more cheerful ourselves. If we possess a hopeful spirit it will enable us to discern the silver lining of the darkest cloud, behind which ever shines the light of divine promise and help.

True religion is not gloomy, "her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace."—Selected.


"Blessed is he who learns to profit by his wants and infirmities, and who, in all the privation he endures, is still submissive to the Word of God."


Much remains
To conquer still; Peace hath her victories,
No less renowned than War; new foes arise
Threatening to bind our souls with secular chains.
Help us to save free conscience from the paw,
Of hireling wolves, whose gospel is their maw.