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Some years ago, says Dr. Clemence, a Christian lady came to me in great distress, and said: "Sir, I have such a burden on my heart. I am engaged in a boarding school where are many pupils, and I know I ought to tell them about the Savior's love, but I cannot. It seems as if a padlock were on my lips; I cannot speak of Christ, and it is a burden on me every day."

I said: "Do I understand your case? You love Christ?"


"You want to speak for him?"

"Indeed I do."

"You cannot?"

"Cannot say a word."

"And is that a burden to you?"

"Indeed it is."

"Well now," said I, "do not tell another soul on earth what you have told me, but go and tell Jesus. Instead of asking help from man, go and cast the burden upon him. He lives to baptize you with every power you want. Just go and tell Jesus what you feel, and leave the whole matter with him."

I saw no more of her for some weeks; but the next time she came to see me, instead of the face looking as if she were weighed down with a burden, it was radiant with joy. I asked her: "How is it with you now?"

"O," she said, "I did as you told me. Instead of speaking to man about it, I flung the burden on Christ, and it is gone! I can speak for him now. My tongue is unloosed, and I can praise God."—Sel.