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We are anticipating a large attendance at the Memorial Services this year. Pressure of the work has hindered us from replying to all the dear friends who have written us of their coming, but they may all rely upon a warm welcome. We made the invitation as hearty as possible in the March TOWER.

Come with your hearts burning with love for our Lord and for all who have his spirit, and with sympathy for all who have not yet attained much of his likeness. Come intent upon doing good to some one else, as well as praying and seeking a blessing upon your own soul.

Some have written us that their Ticket Agent had no blank certificates, etc. We reply: It is his place to secure such certificate for you; but should he not receive them in time, ask the Agent to give you a ticket over the proper lines of railroad, and to give you a written paper stating that you applied for a certificate for excursion rates to the TOWER TRACT SOCIETY Convention, at Allegheny, Pa., that he had no such blanks, and that you paid full fare for your going ticket.

The Convention assembles Sunday, April 19th, at 10 A.M. The Memorial Supper will be celebrated on the evening of Tuesday, April 21st, 8 P.M. See March issue of the TOWER.

On arrival come direct to the WATCH TOWER office, No. 58 Arch street, Allegheny.

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THE TAGS on your paper will, hereafter, inform you of how your subscription to the TOWER stands on our books.

Changes in dates will be made only at the beginning of each quarter.

Subscriptions will not, hereafter, begin at any time, but only with the quarters, January, April, July and October. For instance, new subscriptions sent in during February or March are reckoned as beginning with January issue, and marked as ending December 91, and to such the TOWER issues for the months already elapsed are sent at once.

Our list is not yet perfected, but will be so next month, we trust. Should there be anything about your credit on the tag not in harmony with your records we shall be pleased to know of it and to correct or explain the matter.

Those who have renewed since January have been given credit, and will find it indicated on their tags next month.