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New York.

DEAR BRO. IN CHRIST:—I am just opening up a practice here and, having some leisure, I asked a friend for a book to read to pass away time. He gave me MILLENNIAL DAWN, VOL. I., The Plan of the Ages. I have believed in the pre-millennial coming of my blessed Savior for twenty-five years. With some prejudice, however, I read it casually, i.e., not looking up the references. I am now re-reading it carefully. If it is Scriptural it is the most wonderful book I ever read. If it is true it is most marvelous, and marvelous also that I have never learned its precious truths before. I am inclined to be too credulous and cannot detect sophistry as soon as some, perhaps, but this seems not only Biblical but logical and reasonable, and I drink it in as a revelation from my Father, and it has made me unspeakably happy.

If God's Word teaches a full trial of perhaps one hundred years under favorable circumstances for all our race, it would lift a great burden from my heart.

You say this age is not for the conversion of the world, but for witnessing. What, then, is the legitimate work of Christians? I suppose it must be to get as many as possible fully saved and fitted for the bride of Christ. I must refer to my own experience. I was converted forty-four years ago under the labors of a man who taught that it was the privilege of even young converts to obey Rom. 12:1,2. I made the consecration, but was not steady until twenty-five years ago. After repeated scourgings in the holiness movement in the M.E. church in Illinois, I made an intelligent and complete consecration of all to God, which I have ratified many times, but from which I have never receded.

I have been engaged in holiness meetings of various kinds most of the time since. Your teaching on that subject seems to me to be eminently Scriptural. I have suffered much with and for Jesus, and have by the grace of God classed myself with the overcomers, and have expected with them to sit with Jesus in his throne.

I am not aware that there is any inharmony between my will and the will of my God. I have hoped for all you assert as the privileges of the little flock. But it seems to me so much above and so much more to be desired than the unsinning state of Adam restored, that I fear I cannot attain unto it. ["Faithful is he that hath called you, who also will do it." Trust him and be faithful unto death.—ED.] I have been hoping Jesus would come and that I, with all those who love his appearing, would be caught up to meet him in the air; and to be forever with the Lord has been my holiest aspiration. God is no respecter of persons. What you say about Christians justified only, preferring Adamic perfection in the world to being made partakers of the divine nature with Jesus, may be true, but the Word says without holiness no man shall see the Lord. There seems to be something necessary beyond justification even to occupy Adam's holy state. [Yes, there must be consecration and obedience to the extent of ability until perfection is reached.—ED.]

Please send me Vol. II., The Time is At Hand, and some sample tracts and copies of ZION'S WATCH TOWER. Inclosed find amount in payment.

I am yours and Christ's, J. E. VOAK.



DEAR TOWER BRETHREN:—I am very glad that MILLENNIAL DAWN ever came to my hands. I read it carefully (two volumes), and am convinced that it presents the truth. I was born and brought up in a Catholic country (Russian Poland) by Catholic parents. There is a long story, how I came from one light to another, from truth to truth. I sought the truth in many Protestant churches, but could not find it, though from time to time I believed I had it. For the last two years I have not belonged to any church, because I know their creeds are of men, and not of God.

Several weeks ago I met a young Pole, who had just come from Poland. This man had sought the truth for eighteen years. When I presented the truth to him from the Bible, he accepted it with his whole heart, and wept for joy. We come together nearly every evening and every Sunday to study the truth in the light of the Bible, to which the DAWN is the true helping hand. I have to do the interpretation, as he does not understand English, though he speaks several other languages. We believe that the Lord brought us together to show the light to our own people. There are over 100,000 Poles in this city, and about 1,500,000 in this country. Besides, I speak English and German, and having the DAWN in these two languages, I hope soon to begin to spread the books, and give my time entirely to it.

Many Poles begin to see that the priests do not lead them right, and therefore cease to have confidence in them. In general the Poles do [R1345 : page 175] not read English, except the young people. Some of them read German, but do not like to read religious books in this language, because they regard the Germans as their political enemies. What they do read, and like to read, is Polish.

Oh, I wish we had the truth in Polish also! I want to give myself entirely to spreading the truth. The Lord has been so good to me, showing me his light, his truth, his love, I like to be his witness. Brother O. is willing to do the same. We spend every Sunday with Polish families, teaching them the good tidings. We do here all we can.

In Christian love, I remain your brother,



Newcastle on Tyne.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—It gives me pleasure to note that you are safe at home again. I am looking with great interest for the promised account of your journey. I can easily understand that your time was fully occupied. I wonder how you arranged to crowd so much into it. I would have been delighted to meet you, but we cannot do impossibilities. I thank you for your words of brotherly encouragement, and gratefully acknowledge that your presentation of the divine plan has been to me a mental stimulus of immense value.

What a miracle in stone the Great Pyramid seems to be! Its testimony is almost overpowering. I am just beginning to apprehend something of its sublime uniqueness. Of old the Pharisees said unto Jesus, "'Master, rebuke thy disciples.' And he answered and said unto them, 'I tell you, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.'" So it appears to be still. Bless his holy name!

With best wishes, Yours truly,



New York.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—There is one question I would like to ask. Please answer, either by letter or through the columns of the TOWER.

In your talk at Brother Fairchild's, in answer to a question in relation to the Sabbath, you made the statement that the Sabbath, as given to the Jews, was a type. In making such a statement to any of our "Seventh Day" friends, they meet us with this: Then "Thou shalt not steal," "Thou shalt not kill," and so on, are types? I desired to ask you then, how you would reply, but lacked the opportunity for want of time. I have been met in this way, and must admit to being nonplussed by it.

I call upon you to bridge over this difficulty, as you have so many others in the past through your publications. The brethren from here, who attended the reception at Brother and Sister Fairchild's, at our regular meeting yesterday all bore testimony to the blessing received there, and have come home with renewed strength and courage to press the battle to the very gate of the enemy, and to "run with patience the race set before them."

I have just heard from a DAWN that has gone into the "wilds" of Sullivan county, this state, and reached a former "dyed in the wool" Methodist. It has taken all the Methodism out of him and his wife, and they have become enthusiastic believers in the real full and free salvation. Praise the Lord—so it goes.

Praying that our God will abundantly bless you, I remain yours in Christian love and fellowship, WM. H. CHEEKS.

[We reply that not only was the fourth commandment typical of the rest into which we, Israelites indeed, enter, but that all of the commandments, as well as all other features of the law, were typical. They were typical of the higher law "which is briefly comprehended in one word"—love. The commandments, Thou shalt not kill, steal, covet, etc., are far inferior to the one commandment which is the basis of the new covenant. Any one who has accepted the new covenant of grace through Christ, with its law of love, has no need whatever of the ten commandments of the Jewish covenant. Can we suppose that if I love my brother that I would kill him? or steal from him? or bear false witness against him? Surely not. It is evident, then, that the Jewish law was only a less refined statement of the higher law which we now recognize, under which our covenant places us. It is therefore in perfect harmony with all other features of this, our higher law, to find that we have also a higher rest than had the typical Israel. Ours is not merely a rest of body: it is a rest of heart, a rest of faith, a rest from our own works as means of justifying ourselves before God, and a rest in the perfect work of Christ our Lord as the perfect law keeper, making full satisfaction for all our imperfections. It is by this resting (keeping Sabbath) in him, controlled by the spirit of love, that the righteousness of the law is fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh.—EDITOR.]