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Nothing, perhaps, furnishes so sure an indication of love for the truth as zeal to serve it—financially and otherwise. Judged from every standpoint, the past year has been one of great refreshment and of great spiritual development among our readers. Not, of course, with all—for, like other years, it has witnessed the turning of some from the light into the "outer darkness" of this world's wisdom—but to those who have been earnestly running the race it has been one of deepening experience. Undoubtedly the following of the Apostle's instruction, to lay by on the first day of the week according as the Lord hath prospered each (1 Cor. 16:2), has had its beneficial influence in the direction of this heart-warming mentioned: and the increase financially, and the increased effort made for the blessing of others, are clearly seen in the report following. The spiritual tone, as indicated by the wonderful letters we receive daily, is fully in harmony, and the fact is that the warmest letters are from those who joyfully share in one way or another the burden and heat of the day.

Cash receipts from "Good Hopes" and other donations, including sale of Olive-wood Mementoes, $8298.31.

Amount expended in forwarding the truth in various ways—tracts, postage, etc., etc., $8298.31.

Since these sums are exactly alike, it becomes proper to explain that the Fund had really spent [R1480 : page 375] more money than its receipts, and would have shown an indebtedness had not a deeply interested friend of the cause learned of the situation and made up the deficiency, enabling us to start the new year free from debt.

The following is a summarized statement of what was done with the above money in circulating the truth in the way of tract distribution.

Total number of Old Theology Tracts and Sample TOWERS circulated free, by mail and otherwise, 536,503.

As tracts are usually reported by pages we will so state the circulation.

Total Amount in tract pages, 18,569,392.

Besides this large showing in Tract distribution, the fund supplied large numbers of the Lord's children, too poor to buy, with DAWNS and TOWERS free, over 70,000 copies of the WATCH TOWER going to our regular poor list.

It will be noticed that the above report makes no mention of the MILLENNIAL DAWN work being prosecuted chiefly through colporteurs. The reason is that, so far as possible, the DAWN is made to pay its own way—the price at which it is supplied to colporteurs just about covering cost of publishing and postage and incidental expenses. The Tract Fund therefore needs not to be hindered for this great and important part of the work, except that it supplies a credit account to enable some of the Brethren and Sisters to get a start in this work.

Trusting that the year beginning may be as blessed and prosperous as the one just closed, I have the honor to subscribe myself your servant and the Lord's,

MRS. C. T. RUSSELL, Secretary.