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CANTON, Ohio, has some peculiar people. A Congregational Church there, after getting behind financially, decided by a vote—in which the pastor joined—that they would unite with any denomination that would purchase their meeting house. The Methodists were their purchasers—purchasing people and pastor as well as real estate—and now it is a Methodist Episcopal church; and the minister has been installed a M.E. Church pastor at Zanesville, O. How evident that principles and doctrines have perished with the masses of Protestants!

Following the example of his Baptist fellow-minister of Long Island City, who gave the use of his church to the Catholics of that city after their own building had been burned, the Rev. Mr. Preyer, of the Knox Presbyterian Church, of Harrison, N.J., has offered the use of his church to the Catholics who are about to organize a church in the town. Father Kernan, the priest, who is in charge of the organization, has declined the offer with thanks, as he had made other arrangements before the offer was made. New York Tribune.