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We are sure that many aching hearts will respond to the sentiments of the following letter. To such must come with the sweeter encouragement those words spoken to one of old—"She hath done what she could;" and that other assurance—"Ye are complete in him."

Dear friends, we "labor fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God," even unto death.


MY DEAR BROTHER:—As I have written you before, my father and wife have been very sick this winter; hence I have been close at home. I have only two appointments each month.

I think of Moses in Kadesh. When the people were complaining on account of no water, the Lord commanded Moses to take the rod and gather the assembly together. Moses surely gathered from this that he was to use the rod. When I was commanded to "go preach," I started, supposing [R1959 : page 72] that to preach was all, or the main business, that God (who was able) would remove all hindrances and that I would go into what I did (and do) delight. This was fifteen years ago.

Alas! I have found that there are many oppositions, and that God did not promise to remove them but to assist me in overcoming them.

Now I think of David's prayer (Psalm 19:13)—"Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins." We may presume; but I now see it is best to "wait upon the Lord," and "be instant in and out of season." Oh, yes! "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried [not before] he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised to them [who succeed in their undertaking, and are never overcome by temptation? Ah, no! if that were the case, and such only were to be blessed, many, and I for one, would be left, but it is to them] that love him." Yes! Praise his holy name! I know I love him, and am filled with prayer and praise, and my desire is well expressed by the Psalmist—"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer."

Here is my great desire, and may I, yes, I will! approximate as nearly as possible to a life of harmony with, and perfect obedience to, him who said, "I do always the things that please him."

So now, whether I may stand before the people to declare the glad tidings (in which I so much delight) or stand around the bed to witness the sufferings of those I love so dearly (which is so heart rending), I want to be submissive and "endure as seeing him who is invisible." __________


The following letter from an aged Brother is refreshing and encouraging. He is spending his declining days in going about binding up the broken hearted and applying so far as permitted the eye salve of present truth to the blind eyes. May God bless him, and all like him who are giving their all in sacrifice. "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Him," etc.


DEAR BROTHER:—With me life's work still progresses; though feebly and slowly, as in age I approach an open grave—the spirit is willing but I find the flesh is weak. I have been laboring here at home with the intent of creating an interest in the truths of MILLENNIAL DAWN, and with some success; but nothing to what I had fondly desired.

Religious teachers are making every effort, and using all conceivable means, to keep the minds and hearts of their membership and hearers intensely occupied with church work and measures, thereby preventing their consideration of any thing new (to them) in religious thought.

I am content that the harvest should come in God's own good time. No doubt we shall be surprised some day to learn the untold value of the truths we are now spreading to the world at large during the great day of trouble upon which we are entering. I purpose now, the Lord willing, to spend some time from home this coming winter with the chart. Enclosed please find order for tracts.

Yours in the bonds of truth and love divine,



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DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Enclosed find my "Good Hopes" contribution for this year. I send it all now, hoping it will be a help in the Harvest work.

Thank God for the help received from the TOWER! Several years ago it showed me how selfish I was; and by the grace of God I have been trying to overcome it. And now the last TOWER (Feb. 15) shows me that I have not been guarding my thoughts and words as I should. The Lord is my helper. Yours in love and service, __________