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ABOUT twenty of the Bible House family accompanied us to the Pittsburgh depot on our departure on April 28 for the Los Angeles Convention. As announced, we left in time to make four stops with the friends in Texas. We reached Dallas, Texas, on Saturday evening, and had a pleasant social gathering with the friends and a good rest before the Sunday, May 1st, services.

The morning service was well attended—friends being present from many surrounding cities and villages. The first hour was devoted to praise and testimony and was very profitable, showing great progress since our last visit. One Brother testified that he was the only one at his place at the time of our last visit and that now thirteen were in attendance and rejoicing in the Truth.

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The Testimony meeting was followed by a fine discourse on Baptism by Brother Barton, and later several symbolized their consecration by water immersion.

The principal session of the day was at 3 P.M., addressed by the Editor—the topic being, "To Hell and Back!—Who are There?—Hope for the Recovery of Many of Them," as published in the Gazette of May 2. The attendance was large. The house was crowded to the doors, about 700 being present, and about 500 were unable to gain admittance. There was close attention and a great demand for free literature at the close.

The evening service was held in a smaller hall and was not advertised, but kept for the interested friends. Brother Russell spoke at that session from the words, "The Lord your God doth prove you, whether ye do love the Lord your God or no."

Early on Monday, May 2d, we started for Austin, where we arrived at 6.30 P.M., and, after a good supper, met a very intelligent audience, one of whom reported that he had come 68 miles by wagon and then 100 more by rail to attend the meeting and grasp the hand of the author of MILLENNIAL DAWN. The audience gave excellent attention, and we trust that some have been stimulated to a more earnest endeavor to follow the Lord and to study the divine plan. The friends of the Truth remained for a later meeting and some accompanied us to the train.

Next morning found us at Houston, where we had a hearty welcome from the local Church and visiting friends from various quarters. The morning session was a Rally and Testimony meeting, while the afternoon service, addressed by the Editor, was composed chiefly of believers. The discourse was from the words, "Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward."

The evening session was for the public and was well attended—about 1200 being present. The subject, "The Oath-Bound Covenant," received the closest attention. The literature was in great demand and the friends hope that the Truth has received a fresh impetus. We left by night train for San Antonio.

Wednesday, May 4th, was devoted to a One-Day Convention at San Antonio. The morning session was addressed by Bro. Currie. The afternoon meeting, also for the Church, was addressed by Bro. Russell. We had some very enjoyable interchanges with the dear friends here also: our hearts flowed together as we communed one with another respecting our experiences and prospects.

The evening session, for the public, was held in Beethoven Music Hall. It numbered about 1200 very intelligent people, who gave great attention and in various ways manifested deep interest. Our hope is that the Colporteurs there may find many grains of ripe "wheat." It is our experience that careful study of the literature is necessary to development. Talking and preaching are good to awaken interest, but reading is essential to development.

We are writing while en route to Los Angeles, where we hope for a splendid season of fellowship with the household of faith.