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You will be pleased to know that the work of this Branch is opening up; not rapidly, as yet, but we are hoping the velocity will soon be considerably increased. Some of the dear friends here are exercised concerning their opportunities in the Colporteur service, and are going ahead to make the effort. May the Lord's grace be with them! But the field here is very great, and there is plenty of room for many more laborers in it; besides, the time is short. We shall be most happy, therefore, if those in America who contemplate coming out will do so without delay.

Herewith are extracts from interesting letters lately received at this office, also further TOWER subscriptions, among which are some new names.

With much Christian love to you and the Allegheny co-workers, and asking an interest in your prayers on behalf of this corner of the field, I am,

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Manager Australian Branch.



Your letter duly to hand. We were very pleased to hear from you, and can imagine how thankful you are to be comfortably settled. I wish I could run down to see you and help in the grand but difficult task you have undertaken. We have just returned from a holiday in the country. Spent a good time with Brother L., a TOWER subscriber, who, I am sorry to say, is having a hard time of it. He has been a great worker in the Methodist Church (local preacher, etc., etc.), and, of course, a "good fellow," as we say; but having given this all up, it is different now. Still, we expect this, and rejoice with all those who walk the narrow way.

I shall soon be wanting a fresh supply of DAWNS, so let me know when you receive your big consignment. This looks like business, and no doubt it is the right thing to do; there is nothing like having plenty of faith. It is wonderful the amount of matter Bro. Russell and his staff are sending out; God bless them! We are anxious to get No. 6 DAWN, feeling sure there is a treat for us, though I still read the others with the same interest.

Hoping you will soon get a company of sincere lovers of the Truth around you, and that the work of the WATCH TOWER office will make great progress in all the colonies, and that God will bless you with his presence and guidance, I remain,

Yours in Christian love, in which my wife joins,

__________., New South Wales.


Many thanks for your kind letters and enclosures. My husband and I will make an attempt, with the help of the Lord, for a few weeks, to secure orders for MILLENNIAL DAWN. We pray we may succeed. Hitherto we have given away, instead of selling, but we shall try your plan, and hope to send you cheerful news. Enclosed is P.O.O. for three subscriptions and an order for cloth-bound DAWNS. We trust, dear Brother, we may be able still further to help on so good a work and so glorious a gospel. We are grateful to be vessels for use in His service.

Yours faithfully in Christ.

__________., New South Wales.


I received the parcels of DAWNS, Bible, etc., and thank you very much for them. I have been reading them, and there is not the least doubt about their being correct. I have not the time for continual study, but intend acquiring all the Bible knowledge I can; it is better to get it late than never. I am only sorry I did not get these works before; they are clearing up all my doubts on Christianity as clergymen could never do.

I have handed some of the tracts to friends, and two or three of them are very much interested. I think it will not be long before they withdraw from Babylon. One of them wants the DAWNS in cloth, and a Bible the same as you sent me, and I wish to ask whether you will send him the same for the same money, or whether mine was sent for the same price because it was all I remitted? You see, the Bible is such a splendid one that I am almost afraid to tell him the amount it cost, [R3379 : page 175] for fear when he sends he will have to pay more. [The brother's fears are not surprising, for Bibles are very expensive everywhere in Australia, except at our Depot. For example, we have the Holman No. 8836 with patent thumb index, for 10s.10d.; in the Sunday School Union Depot in Melbourne the same Bible is priced 21s.6d.—E.C.H.]

I intend doing my best to spread the Truth around here, though do not expect to make much headway, as most people are bound to their various creeds, and are "full." However, what time I have to spare I intend to use studying the glorious Truths, and helping others to the same knowledge. I remain,

A co-worker for Christ,

__________., New South Wales.


Yours of 10th inst. duly to hand. My time has been so much taken up since receiving your first communication, about a month ago, that I have not had sufficient at my disposal to give your letter that consideration it deserves, and to answer it as promptly as I otherwise would.

Business pressure upon me is very great, and absorbs most of my time, but you can rely upon me to do all I can for the sale of MILLENNIAL DAWN as time will allow. Have received orders today for six volumes, which please send. Enclosed is remittance.

Yours faithfully, __________., South Australia.


I received your kind letter of the 10th, intimating that a Branch of the Society had been opened in Melbourne. Was glad to hear of it, and trust it will prove of great service to the dear brethren throughout Australia. I, for one, have felt considerable drawbacks at having to wait three months for an answer from America.

For several years I have been trying to help Christian brethren by lending them volumes of MILLENNIAL DAWN, but have as yet met with no hearty response from any one (one dear brother excepted), the majority of those I have tried to reach being very indifferent, and a few quite hostile. Years before hearing of Mr. Russell's books I was deeply interested in the themes of which he so ably treats, and since reading them have continued to be so, praying and wishing from my heart that others might be led to receive their heavenly teachings, but, sad to say, without success, so far as I know, with the above exception. Still, I do not despair, nor wish to allow myself to get discouraged, remembering whose work it is, and the many precious promises he has given us in his holy Word.

I shall be glad to receive some tracts for distribution, also full information regarding the Colporteur service. I may be able to devote one or two hours daily to this kind of work, later on.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,

__________., Tasmania.


Tracts to hand; many thanks. I have given quite a number to those who I think will be interested, and have already received some interesting accounts from those who have gotten them. But I think it will take some time before they enter fully into the depths of the truths therein contained. My wife has become interested in reading "The Plan of the Ages." Please forward the six volumes in cloth, which I will lend to friends.

Yours in the Lord, __________., Victoria.


I was very pleased to receive your letter, and to know that you are established. I trust that God's richest blessings may rest with you in your labors, so that it will be a permanent Branch, and that you may long be spared to labor in the Harvest work.

I have been in this colony only three years this month. I nearly entered into Present Truth prior to leaving England, while you were in charge of the British Branch, through some one giving me a WATCH TOWER in Canning Town one Sunday morning. As it was, it was left over until I arrived in W.A., and at that time there were only two or three here who knew anything about it. About a fortnight after my arrival, I happened to go to Fremantle on a Saturday night and heard some one speaking in the open air. I went up to listen, but, being hard of hearing, I hardly caught anything, though I managed to hear something about 1914. I stopped till the brother finished, and then went up to ask him where he got his 1914, and that is how I was led into Present Truth. Shortly after, I was shown a WATCH TOWER. Well, I said, I had one similar to that given me in England!...

With kindest wishes, believe me to be,

Yours in the Lord's service,
__________., Western Australia.


Yours of the 10th to hand. We were very pleased to hear from you and to know that you were getting settled in your new home. The Lord sustain you by bringing you in contact with true brethren and congenial friends!

There is little to tell you of our affairs. We have meetings twice a week for Bible study and prayer in which we always remember you. We could wish the Lord had left you with us, but we humbly submit to his will in this as in all other matters. I should be glad [R3380 : page 175] of any word of instruction or exhortation from you.

Please deliver one set of DAWNS in cloth to the address of the enclosed note, which will recommend you to my friends in Melbourne, where I hope you will find many who love the Lord and are hungering for the Truth. Give my love to all of like mind in the Lord, and let us "work, for the night is coming."

Your brother in Christ,

__________., Western Australia.


Yours came to hand in due time, and I was glad to receive news of you and your welfare. I am pleased with the choice of position for headquarters, so far as the Australian States are concerned. I should have written you sooner, but have been very much engaged of late; you both and the work under your care are not forgotten, the same being remembered by me in prayer.

Our meeting at Fremantle was very profitable to me; I was glad to be there. Though I had to make a sacrifice to do it, I was indeed glad to meet you, and sorry to leave you, but the Lord's will had to be done. I shall be pleased to hear of the progress of the work with you later. The Lord bless and prosper you as it pleaseth him, and in due time he will exalt you.

Yours in His service,

__________., Western Australia.