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I write to tell you an incident which lately took place and which shows the DAWNS are exercising more influence than appears on the surface. At one of our meetings a short time ago a lady came who had never before been amongst us. She told us she was a member of a missionary society in connection with the Baptist Church. At a recent meeting she had asked the opinion of the other ladies present as to the future state of the heathen who had died without believing in Christ. All admitted that they had at one time believed they were lost, but now believed that in some way God would give them a future opportunity. On inquiring further as to what had caused them to change their opinions they said it was through reading Volume I, MILLENNIAL DAWN. There were seventeen ladies present.

Yours in the one Faith, W. HOPE HAY, Pilgrim.



I received "The New Creation" a short time ago and have read it over half through now. It is very precious indeed. I am sure it is just what I need, as well as all who "see eye to eye" in Zion. It has answered and settled a number of questions for me that I have been bothered about. I thank God for the rich spiritual food he is giving me and others in the present time, and that the world's supply is coming soon. It is my desire, and I believe the Lord's will, that I should enter the Colporteur work.

Your brother in Christ,

JOHN W. TREMAIN, JR.—Washington.



You will doubtless have so many letters of thankful appreciation for Vol. 6 that my poor words will not be needed. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for it. Surely the Lord's hand directed the pen that wrote it, for it is truly "meat in due season," not only to individuals but also to the Churches of God. It will help many of the separated brethren in different communities to see more nearly "eye to eye," I believe, and thus we shall all be more closely knit together in the "unity of the faith in the bonds of peace." The book will also enable you to use more time for further study of the divine Word, and less in replying to perplexing questions from the brethren.

I finished the reading Sunday evening about eight o'clock. Oh, for that blessed day when with our resurrection bodies we can love and praise him as we ought! With much Christian love to yourself and all the other dear friends at the Bible House, I remain as ever,

Yours in the hope of "the First Resurrection,"

GERTRUDE W. SEIBERT,—Pennsylvania.



I am sending you five dollars for the Tract Fund—the money that I received for a pair of gold bracelets. I don't think that I could use it in a better way than to give it to the dear Lord, to be used in his service.

I am studying his plan and I want to know more and more day by day of his precious Truth. I can fully appreciate what he has done for me, and all I am and have is consecrated to him. I am only twelve years old, but I know that he will take me under his care.

This small offering may help some in the Pilgrim service. With love,

Your little sister in the Lord,

A.V.B.,—New Jersey.



Have great pleasure in thanking you for sending along the things asked for, especially the favor of receiving the 6th volume, "The New Creation." I have read it right through while most round here are hanging their tongues out, as it were, to get a taste, and the privilege is still in anticipation.

If commendation is allowable, should say that this your last labor of love will prove a most effective thirst quencher. The tenth chapter particularly interested me and think that you have dealt beautifully with the subjects in the entire book. God bless and keep you and all workers in Allegheny for the strengthening of the brethren is my earnest prayer.

Yours very sincerely, ALEX. MILES,—England.



To the glory of God and his dear Son be it known to the participators in this harvest work for their encouragement that also here, far north in Norway, we have received the illuminating beams from the Sun of Righteousness through his Word by the instrumentality of the books MILLENNIAL DAWN. We have now indeed tasted the sweet influence of a pure doctrine in Christ. Heartily and intelligently five of us (seven were present) partook of the emblems representing our Lord's broken body and considered the cost with our privileges [R3402 : page 223] as members to suffer with him and for each other.

Receive this as an expression of our praise to the Lord that we have received fruits from your ardent labor, love and defense for pure doctrine, in this evil day.

THE CONGREGATION IN T__________, Norway.



The sequel to the Eaton-Russell Debates, which you so kindly sent me, is carefully read, and has indeed proved "meat in due season" to me. Having been an active worker in Church and Sunday-school work, a sample copy of the WATCH TOWER, February edition, 1901, was handed me for examination, which I read in part and then threw away as poisonous stuff, contrary to Christian principles and detrimental to the Church. But thinking myself cowardly not to read it, I picked it up again and read it carefully, determined to give my decision when through. The themes being backed by so many Bible quotations, present phenomena and my own Christian experience, with so many blighted hopes for the future—eternity appearing at times synonymous with misery and woe to the majority—my decision was slow in coming, and the opposite of what I thought. I handed the same copy to Prof. W__________ and told him of my experience with it. He approved of its Scriptural and logical reasoning. Brighter hopes began to animate my soul. I subscribed and my "poison" became a "light to my feet." But it cost me dearly. Naturally I told the "good news" to the most conscientious of the brethren. They "knew it all," and, of course, my sails were turned against the current. My church standing was threatened; they pitied me and denounced you. Finally I was considered on the verge of infidelity, and by some declared a free thinker. I pitied them, for I could appreciate their fears, but they could not or would not understand me. Feeling that I could do no good in the Church, I left it. I am persuaded that some are meditating, and I would be obliged if you would send me more copies of the Sequel and any other literature you deem fit.

Fraternally yours, G. S.,—Pennsylvania.



Dear Sir,—I read your sermons weekly; that is, I cut them out and read them carefully. Often it takes me two or three days to read and meditate on them. I am and always have been a Bible reader. Am middle aged. Always have been in business, taking up all my evenings and Sundays. Never having the pleasure of hearing you or seeing you...I have felt it my duty to tell you how much your sermons have done for me, in giving me great spiritual light, bringing me nearer to my Maker and Master. I could never tell you how much inward joy and gladness a spiritual truth brings to my whole being, and I find so many in your discourses on any subject.

Your explanations of the Scriptures are delightful to my heart and mind. I feel it would be almost theft to receive so much from you and not tell you or acknowledge to you with heartfelt thankfulness how much spiritual food I am receiving daily from you. With the spirit of prayer and supplication I pray our Father and his dear Son to perfect you in all things.

Pray the Father that he will give me more and more light, that I may love him and his dear Son more and more. Pray for me. The Father and Son will know whom you are praying for. __________, Pittsburgh, Pa.



I know that you will be glad to learn that I have consecrated my all to the Lord on my twenty-fourth birthday, June 12th. Believing on him as my Savior, having faith in his promises, knowing his grace will be sufficient in all times of trials, and truly repenting of my sins, I made my covenant with him and now wish to do only that which is his pleasure. I feel that he has already strengthened me and I rejoice to have been privileged to come and join in the grand forming of the "little stone" out of the mountain. I have almost finished the first volume of DAWN, and it is so grand! I think I will go over it again before taking up the second.

I feel that the Convention here was such a help to me, and I praise the Lord that he has led me to a knowledge of my need of a Savior, and I will by his grace spend the remaining years of life for him.

I would ask an interest in your prayers and in those of all the Bible House friends, that I may grow in grace and patience and love. I am glad to say that I have received much contentment of heart already and I rejoice to be one of the brothers.

May the Lord abundantly bless and comfort you is my prayer.

With love, your nephew,

JOS. R. LAND,—California.



I greatly desire again to join in the blessed work of distributing tracts from house to house this summer. I believe this service has been the channel of bringing quite a few into the light of Present Truth.

We heard a few days ago of some results of our last year's service, in which a tract placed under a door was the means of leading a man and his wife to send to the TOWER office for five volumes of DAWN. And the fact that they were interested came to us in a very peculiar way.

One day last week a neighbor of ours—a woman of the world—asked Sister C. for some of the tracts that we give away. Sr. C. inquired for what purpose she wished them. She replied that she was going out calling, and desired to take some to a friend. Sr. C. then inquired if her friend was religiously inclined, and learning that she and her husband were both religious people, gave the neighbor three or four tracts for them.

When the tracts were handed the lady she said: "Why, we have five volumes of MILLENNIAL DAWN, and there [R3403 : page 223] are no books in the world like them! They are just what we need!" This so surprised and delighted our neighbor—to think that she had found some who held to our belief—that she could hardly wait until she reached home to tell us about it. "Why," she said, "I invited them right over to your house, and told them that a man (meaning Bro. Samson) was to be at your house, and that they should come out to the meetings."

This incident has encouraged us that our labors are not in vain in the Lord; and another thing it has demonstrated to me—that the Lord uses various agents in gathering together his elect.

I have been myself greatly blessed giving out the healthful food. May the dear Lord grant us grace to continue in his service to the end.

JOS. COOCH,—Indiana.