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The following testimony is from a native East Indian, who was formerly an active ordained minister in the Methodist Church Mission there and in Jamaica. He is using this testimony amongst his former associates in ministerial work, to arouse their interest in the Harvest message:


It is with pleasure that I write to you about what I have found to be so ennobling and satisfying, and with which I am now being blessed. I cannot here attempt to give the kind of testimony I would like to give of the Lord's gracious dealings with me, to his glory and for the edification of fellow creatures.

While working for the Society of Friends in St. Thomas several religious books were put into my hands from time to time to read. Although I was conscious of justification and enjoyed more or less the joy and peace resulting from this condition since 1884, the perusal of these books led me to think that there was something yet higher, richer and more satisfying to be had which I had not attained. I made it a matter of prayer, and thought much over it.

In due time another book, entitled "The Divine Plan of the Ages," was sent to me on loan from America, in case I did not like to purchase it. I began to read this carefully and with prayer. To my surprise I found it more—far more instructive and enlightening, containing more food for the mind on almost every page of it than any other production of uninspired pen I had ever known before or since. When I reached the place where the pious and able author treats on consecration and its object, I could not resist the temptation of going down upon my knees and giving up myself to God in a particular sense, and in every respect. The act of thus yielding oneself to the Lord was a pleasurable one to me. I arose from my knees feeling that I had done the right thing, and the joy that filled my soul I could hardly contain.

Allow me to recommend to you as a duty and a pleasure, this little work of 356 pages. It contains rich messages from the "Great King," calculated to make the bad good and the good better, and so it does wherever it is rightly used. It is a real eye-opener—a veritable key of the Bible. It is more than a match for the enemies of the Bible—the "higher critic," "evolutionist," "Christian Scientist," "skeptic," and "infidel." If you wish to be aided to see things in their harmonious, consistent and soul-refreshing beauty—things that go to show what wonderful provision God has made for his Church—"the sanctified" ones "in Christ Jesus," and for the world of mankind—things which duly magnify his love, justice, wisdom and power as a harmonious whole, without contradicting each other in the least—if you wish to see these, then read this telling little book, "The Divine Plan of the Ages," which will lead you into the treasury of God's own Word—the mine of things "new and old." Read it with Bible in hand and then think of the result of your investigation. I am acquainted with the main teachings of the leading denominations or "orthodoxy"—hence I know what I am recommending to others. "Light is sown for the righteous." The "sure word of prophesy....shineth more and more to the perfect day." It is of a growing nature—outgrows all that are fixed and stationary—the creeds of men which cannot keep pace with the verities of a progressive revelation. Faulty translations and human traditions have done much to obscure the clear and consistent teachings of God's Word. Hence it becomes us "to give the more earnest heed to the" inspired [R3523 : page 79] injunction: "Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good."

I remain, dear friend,





You will surely be interested to hear something about the harvest work in Norway, and the progress it has made to this time. As you know, Brother G__________ has been laboring near here, and the result that can be seen by us is some thirty or forty interested in that town. During this last summer he has visited the towns in North Norway, and has noticed some evidences of interest among a few Christians in that region.

Brother F__________ has visited the towns in South Norway, and especially in Havanger (population 30,600). The Present Truth has been received with joy, so that quite a few dear Christians there are now deeply interested, especially among the members of the Free Mission Church here. Many have already seen much of the light—besides there are some interested not belonging to any denomination.

At present Brother F__________ and Brother G__________ are both in Bergen (population 72,000) where they intend to work together during this winter. There the DAWNS seem to have already set on foot a remarkable movement. In no other place in Scandinavia has harvest truth been so quickly and heartily received by so many, as in Bergen. A prominent preacher of the Free Mission Church of that town has become thoroughly grasped by the clear light, and he is now setting forth the full and true Gospel to his always large and attentive audiences. Also another prominent man there, an old teacher and editor, is strongly touched by the Truth. The testimonies of these two dear brethren seem to make a very strong impression upon the minds of other Christians.

But there is every appearance of a coming persecution also. In a letter of December 13th, Brother F__________ tells of an interested sister, who for many years has been working as a teacher in the Sunday School of "Indre-missionen," and who has been summoned to leave that post. But the friends do not fear.

The light has been spreading itself in the following way: Some time ago a few interested were arranging "reading meetings," in which one was reading from the DAWNS, and the others, with their open Bibles in hand, trying every point. When there came a point which any could not apprehend clearly, the reader would stop, that some one able might get an opportunity to make that point clear. These meetings still continue and the interest and blessings grow. I don't know how many really interested there are, but at one such meeting, held in a private family, there were twenty-three present, all seemingly being of one mind and spirit. Of course these facts bring great joy to the dear Colporteur brethren.

In spite of the financial distress the Present Truth is accomplishing its work, spreading about the light more and more. This makes us satisfied, even though we would be bound to endure many privations. With much love, your fellow servant in Christ, FRITIOF LINDKVIST.