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I have much pleasure in giving you a short report of the third London Convention. The three days of last weekend the 10th, 11th and 12th of June, were, to the brethren who gathered in London, as a holy convocation unto the Lord. We had indeed a time of rejoicing with each other for all his goodness, and a time of solemn waiting upon him, that we might offer our praise and gain further strength. The result is according to his gracious promise: the windows of heaven were opened and his love was poured out upon us. It has been a memorable time for all, and with one consent there were expressions of gratitude for the privilege of attending and for the encouragement and stimulus gained. It was specially good to hear from some who are learning the value of the Truth that the Convention has been as a seal to their faith, and that full assurance had come.

All the meetings were well attended and all were larger than last year. On the Sunday night there were about 600 present, while the average of the other meetings was about 350. We had with us Brother Luttichau from Copenhagen and Brother Lundborg from Stockholm, and it gave pleasure to hear of the growth of the Truth in their countries. Then there were, as usual, brethren from Scotland and Ireland.

The addresses were helpful, but a large proportion of the value of the Convention was plainly in the assembly of the brethren and encouragement through the mutual faith. The testimonies were good, indicating a fervent desire to be found pleasing to God, and to be faithful stewards of the treasure committed to us. On Monday 32 brothers and sisters symbolized their consecration to the Lord by immersion.

At the close of a Colporteur meeting for testimony, etc., on the suggestion of a brother, a message of love was sent to you and I have very much pleasure, dear brother, in conveying this to you. In support of this all the people rose to signify their feelings. We look forward to the time when we may have you with us again and when the love may be spoken to you and shown in the face. We were also desired to express the gratitude which the friends have for the meetings held under the auspices of the Society.

We pray for you, dear brother, that you may ever be found faithful to the great things committed into your hands, that your joy of the Lord may ever increase and that you may walk worthy of the Lord to all pleasing, being spared to do all his will may have for you.

With much love in him, I am your brother,