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THE second annual "Convention of Believers in the Atonement through the death of the Man Christ Jesus, a ransom for all, and in his Millennial Kingdom," will long be remembered by the Jamaica brethren who assembled in Kingston from various parts of the Island to receive that blessed refreshment which accompanies the communion of saints.

Theatre Royal was the scene of such a "holy convocation" as it had never before witnessed, while the joys of the brethren were two-fold increased as we remembered daily that our loved ones in Portland were enjoying a similar blessing at the same time; and some one even suggested that perhaps our brethren in the Most Holy were holding a sympathetic convention during those very hours. Thrilling thought!

A rich program awaited the longing appetites of those who came, and none were turned away empty. Two subjects were calculated to draw the public, and they did not fail. About 400 were present on Friday night, Sept. 8th, to hear "Which is the True Church?" and more than 600 on Sunday night to listen to a discourse on "The Day of Judgment."

The closing session was a question meeting which became extremely interesting because of the presence of a reverend opposer of the Truth, whose violent speeches and scurrilous writings were well known throughout the Island. Because of his previous threat we were at first fearful that the assistance of the police authorities would have been needed, but the Sword of the Lord and of Gideon was sufficient, and the gentleman who wrote "Millennial Dawnism Condemned" has been trying ever since to re-gild his tinsel by nightly harangues at the public square in the presence of the unintelligent populace. We are glad to believe that his questions were providentially permitted for the enlightenment of our visitors, many of whom, as a result, have become friends to the cause of Truth.

Reported by the Society's representative,