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THE One-Day Convention at Johnstown, Pa., on January 14, was an enjoyable event. Friends from the surrounding towns met us there with hearty greetings which we as fully reciprocated. About seventy-five were present at the morning rally, only a portion of whom could be present also at the evening session, others however taking their places to the total of about 100 of the interested.

The afternoon session was for the public—a cure for infidelity—"To Hell and Back." The dear friends had spared no effort to have the meeting well advertised by newspapers, window-cards, etc., and their labors were blessed and rewarded by the large crowd present at the Opera House—about 1400, some standing. We understand that special invitations were sent to all the ministers of the city, and were told that five of them, if not more, were present. One of them shook hands after the service, and most cordially approved what he had heard; another partially approved, but was argumentative. We hope for some results, though we may not know fully this side the vail. It seems impossible that so many people should give thoughtful attention for nearly two hours without being helped in some degree.

BINGHAMTON, N.Y., had its One-Day Convention on January 28. We missed the pleasure of the morning Rally, but know from reports, as well as from the zeal of those in attendance, that it was uplifting, helpful. It does the friends good to mingle their hearts and voices, and we consider these Rallies amongst the special blessings of such occasions—nearly all participate and nearly all get a special refreshing.

The afternoon session was in the Opera House, which holds about 1500. It was jammed, and it is said that nearly 500 went away for lack of room. Earnest faces indicated deep attention and thoughtful interest. The Lord only knows which hearts were ready for the Truth and the blessing which it surely carries with it.

The friends must have done excellent work in thoroughly [R3714 : page 37] advertising the meeting. It seems, too, that circumstances favored them: the newspapers made game of the topic, saying that it would be a "personally conducted tour by Pastor Russell to hell and back." This later they corrected at the instance of the friends, who explained that the topic would be treated in a most reverent manner. Then the Street Railway Company declined to allow the posters on their cars, and the newspapers took the matter up, claiming that they should have fulfilled their agreement.

The evening meeting was a heart-to-heart talk to the friends of the Truth, partially reported in the newspapers and thus accessible to those of you who desire it. The topic was, "Selling the Birthright."