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IT is suggested that leaders of Berean Classes endeavor to hold the discussion of each question to its legitimate domain. Otherwise later questions will have been found partially discussed yet not thoroughly digested and much less satisfactory.

The leader should STUDY the entire lesson and each member of the class should STUDY the portion or question assigned to him or her, if the largest possible good would be derived. The DAWNS and booklets and TOWERS cited should be at hand, and so marked as to be readily referred to without a moment's delay. The DAWNS are referred to by the first six letters of the alphabet, the booklets by initial letters and the WATCH TOWER by Z.

1. What is evil speaking? Jas. 3:8-10. Z.'99-68 (2nd col. par. 1, 2.)

2. How prevalent is this fault among even those who profess to be Christians? Z.'99-69 (1st col. par. 1).

3. What is the power of the tongue? Jas. 3. F.586-588; Z.'99-75 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'97-156 (1st col. par. 2).

4. What is meant by a "tongue set on fire of gehenna"? Jas. 3:6. Z.'00-98 (1st col., par. 5, 6).

5. What are the baneful influences of evil speaking, and what are some of the excuses and subterfuges offered by the fallen nature? Z.'99-69 (1st col. par. 2) to 70 (2nd col. par. 3); Z.'99-72 (1st col. par. 2 to 5).

6. What is evil surmising and what is its relation to evil speaking? Z.'05-213 (1st col. par. 3 to 2nd col. par. 3.)

7. What are "secret faults," and of what two kinds are they? Z.'98-22 (1st col. par. 1).

8. Is an evil suggestion a sin, and how does it become a secret fault? Z.'98-22 (1st col. par. 2 and 2nd col. par. 1); Z.'00-32 (1st col. par. 1).

9. What is a "presumptuous sin," and when does a secret fault become a presumptuous sin? Z.'98-22 (2nd col. par. 1).

10. What is the "great transgression" to which these sins lead? Z.'98-22 (2nd col. par. 1).

11. How may we purify and keep our hearts pure from these sins? Z.'99-215 (2nd col. par. 1) to 217; Z.'98-22 (2nd col. par. 2) to 23 (1st col. par. 5).

12. How is the Lord judging us? Matt. 12:34-37. Z.'96-30 (1st col. par. 1, 2).

13. Why should we render to God a daily account of any "idle" (pernicious) words? Z.'96-32 (1st col. par. 4) to 33 (1st col. par. 1, 2).

14. How are words the index of our hearts? Luke 6:45. Z.'96-22 (1st col. par. 4 and 2nd col. par. 1); Z.'96-32 (1st col. par. 1).

15. What does purity of heart signify? Z.'02-358 (2nd col. par. 3); Z.'05-230 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'98-25 (2nd col. par. 3).

16. What is the importance of a pure heart? 1 Sam. 16:7. Z.'04-22 (2nd col. par. 6) and 23 (1st col. par. 1 to 3); Z.'01-325 (1st col. par. 4 to 2nd col. par. 1) Z.'99-140 (1st col. par. 2).

17. How may purity of heart be attained? Z.'00-359 (2nd col. par. 1) to 360 (2nd col. par. 2).

18. How do we know our motive is pure, since "the heart is deceitful above all things"? Z.'00-359 (1st col. par. 1 to 3).

19. What is the relation between our conscience and purity of heart? Z.'00-360 (2nd col. par. 2).

(To be continued for June.)