[R3783 : page 165]




20. Might telling the truth be evil speaking? Z.'99-70 (1st col. par. 3 to 2nd col. par. 2).

21. Is it always necessary to tell all we know about every affair? Z.'00-71 (2nd col. par. 3).

22. Is an uncomplimentary remark evil speaking? Z.'02-188 (2nd col. par. 3); F.406, par. 1.

23. Would it be evil speaking to criticize doctrines publicly uttered? Z.'02-219 (2nd col. par. 2).

24. What is a slanderer? Z.'05-215 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'99-70 (2nd col. par. 1 to 3).

25. What is "false witness," and is it possible to bear false witness without uttering a word? Z.'02-219 (1st col. par. 2, 3).

26. How should we deal with a brother or sister who begins to relate an evil report? Z.'05-215 (1st col. par. 4, 5).

27. How should we deal with persons of the world who do evil speaking? Eph. 5:11,12; Z.'99-70 (1st col. par. 1, 2); Z.'02-74 (1st col. par. 1); Z.'98-368 (1st col. par. 1).

28. Is evil speaking against a brother in Christ more culpable than against one of the world? T.S.62, par. 3; Z.'03-426 (1st col. par. 1, 2).

29. In order to avoid gossip, slander and evil speaking, what is the only proper and Scriptural way of redress for grievances, actual or imaginary? Matt. 18:15-17, Z.'05-214 (1st col. par. 4) to 215 (1st col. par. 3); F.414-417.

30. How should we deal in a matter of evil speaking against an Elder? 1 Tim. 5:19. F.293, 294, 418 (par. 1, 2).

31. Why is "a bridled tongue" a chief essential in an Elder? Jas. 3:2. Z.'99-75 (2nd col. par. 2); Z.'97-156 (2nd col. par. 2); F.249, par. 2.

32. How may we ask advice and not do evil speaking? F.292, top of page.

33. What is the relation between "busybodying" and evil speaking? F.583, par. 1, to 586; F.408, par. 1 to 3.

34. How should the Golden Rule help us to overcome evil speaking and evil surmising? F.407; Z.'02-188 (2nd col.) to 189 (1st col. par. 2); Z.'00-262 (1st col. par. 1, 2).

35. What is the sole exception to this rule, "Speak evil of no man"? Z.'99-71 (2nd col. par. 2).

36. What inspiration should we receive from Jesus' example? 1 Pet. 2:23. Z.'01-298 (1st col. par. 1, 2); Manna, Dec. 7; Z.'02-310 (2nd col. par. 1).

37. How can we overcome evil surmisings and evil speaking?

(a) By purifying the heart. Prov. 4:23. F.409, par. 2.

(b) By prayer. Psa. 141:3. Psa. 19:12-14. Z.'98-23 (2nd col. par. 1).

(c) By keeping the mind filled with pure and holy thoughts. Phil. 4:8. Z.'01-324 (1st col.). Z.'03-8 (2nd col. par. 3) to 9 (1st col. par. 3); Z.'05-216 (1st col. par. 3 and 2nd col. par. 3); Z.'00-72 (1st col. par. 1, 2).

38. What additional thoughts are found in index of Heavenly Manna under "Evil"?

39. What special experiences and practices have helped you to overcome evil surmisings to some extent?

40. As we realize how insidious this foe of the "new creature," what should be our daily prayer? Psa. 19:12-14.