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THE failure to give reports of the One-Day Conventions recently held should not be understood to signify that they were unworthy of reporting: other matters claimed our attention and the WATCH TOWER space. We here very briefly record that in the various places, namely, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pa., Indianapolis, Ind., Huntingdon, Pa., New York City, N.Y., Cleveland, O., Springfield, Ill., the dear friends of the cause put forth strenuous efforts, and under the Lord's blessing numbers of new hearers were reached with the Gospel message, and a few of these, we trust, were brought from darkness to greater light and started in the good way toward the Kingdom. Others, we may hope, were relieved of some measure of previous blindness and hindered from stumbling into infidelity and led to a more reasonable and appreciative view of the divine character and that blessed book, the Bible.

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As usual there was one public service at each place aside from the meeting specially for the interested. The latter were attended not only by the friends of the local churches, but also by representatives and delegations from surrounding territory within a radius of sometimes 200 miles or more. The impression is a growing one with these that these One-Day Conventions are blessed of the Lord and being used to the pulling down of the strongholds of error and misunderstanding of the Truth and to the upbuilding of those who are already of the Lord's consecrated flock and in the enjoyment of light upon his Word.

You will all be interested in knowing that by dint of wisely directed and diversified forms of advertising and at considerable expense, large attendance was secured in all of the public meetings at these Conventions. The estimated numbers in attendance at these public services were as follows:—

Washington, 2,500; Philadelphia, 1,600; Indianapolis, about 2,500; Huntingdon, about 450—a very large attendance for a wet day and a small place; New York City, 2,000; Cleveland, O. 2,500.