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London, England.—The correspondent of the Daily Mail at Jerusalem remarks that the influx of Jews into Palestine during the last few months has been remarkable. Five thousand of them from Russia landed at Jaffa a few weeks ago. They will settle on the plain of Sharon.

A few days ago some Jewish financiers made a trip east of the river Jordan. They were highly satisfied with the land there and are willing to establish colonies, but they are rather suspicious of the Bedouin tribes. It is believed, if the government will guarantee protection, the sale of large tracts of land will soon be completed.

The correspondent states that the Jews are regaining possession of the land by degrees, and that should the present quick rate continue the whole country in a few years will belong to them.

* * *

The above is a confirmation of the item we published recently to the effect that the Turkish government had removed the restriction on Jewish settlement in Palestine which had been in force since 1892. Undoubtedly there will soon be a general rush of Russian Jews to the Holy Land—the land of Abraham.

Thus is prophecy fulfilling before our eyes. The Zionist movement of recent years was caused largely by the refusal to allow Jews to go to the land. The Zionists planned to buy Palestine, but did not succeed. Now, "in due time," God has opened the door to Palestine without their purchasing it. The next eight years will no doubt show wonders there as well as elsewhere throughout the world—all in line with the Word.



A bricklayer named Loos was severely punished on February 15th at the Berlin Criminal Court for "dishonoring the institution of the Christian Church."

In a speech delivered at a meeting of co-workers, Loos spoke of religion as being superfluous to workmen, and used the expression "Priests are arrant knaves, who keep the people stupid."

The Public Prosecutor argued that this expression contained an insult to the priesthood, and the Court sentenced Loos to three months' imprisonment.



Since the issuance of the July 15th WATCH TOWER the Editor's mail has been greatly increased by letters expressive of sympathy and confidence. These are highly appreciated, dear friends. Each one would have had a personal reply had that been possible. Since Convention work, etc., etc., rendered personal replies impossible, we request that all accept this general acknowledgment.

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The evidences are that our trials and difficulties will but draw all the Lord's true sheep nearer to him and to each other in the blessed tie of Christian love that binds our hearts as one.

"A little while, our trials will be over;
A little while, our tears be wiped away;
A little while, the power of Jehovah
Shall turn all darkness into gladsome day.

"A little while! 'Tis ever drawing nearer—
The brighter dawning of that glorious day.
Blest Savior, make our spirit's vision clearer,
And guide, O guide us in the shining way."



The Prophet declared that the mountains shall be removed and carried into the midst of the sea (Psalm 46:2). This we showed (DAWN, Vol. I., p. 323) means that the kingdoms shall be swallowed up by anarchy.

Note how the Lord caused the same thought to come to worldly minds: The Chicago Daily Tribune on July 17 printed on its front page a sketch of a wide waste of waters with a mountain peak emerging from [R3838 : page 260] it, on which the Russian Czar and six of his advisers are clinging, waiting in horror for the waters to cover them entirely. The title is "Doomed—Russian Autocracy."