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AT Jamestown, Ohio, we had a very interesting time on Sunday, July 15. Friends from surrounding parts were in good attendance, amongst them all of the Dayton class, about 40. The rally of the forenoon, led by Brother Martin, was refreshing and inspiring. The afternoon meeting for the public was well attended for the size of the city—about 400 were present. At the evening session there was a discourse for the interested, which many of you received the following day through the newspapers. The Lord's Spirit was with his people and they were blessed; and it is sincerely hoped that some of the public who came through curiosity got some food that will profit them everlastingly.

On July 22 the Elgin, Ill., Convention, longed for by the dear friends for some time, came to pass. The Editor reached Chicago Sunday morning in time to join the dear friends there on an excursion train—three coaches of which were reserved for their use. About 107 of the Chicago Church were present, and good representations from other small cities nearby. In consequence the morning rally, led by Brother Jones, numbered over 200—the evening attendance being nearly 300.

The afternoon meeting for the public was not so well attended as had been hoped—not over 500. But the attention was excellent. Elgin is not a large city and the audience was well proportioned to the population and the auditorium. The evening discourse on the "Ministry of Reconciliation" committed to us, many of you already have in the secular papers of the day following the Convention. We had a delightful visit with the Chicago friends both going and coming, and believe that all enjoyed the occasion thoroughly.

* * *

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