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26. What is the importance of loving zeal and how may we cultivate it? Z.'98-112 (1st col. par. 1); Z.'03-165 (2nd col. par. 1, 2); Z.'01-151 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'01-318 (1st col. par. 1); Z.'96-163 (2nd col. par. 1, last half.

27. How may we cultivate loving submission? Z.'96-44 (2nd col. par. 2, 3); Z.'99-6 (1st col. par. 1 to 3); Z.'02-249 (2nd col. par. 1).

28. Must perfect love include sinners and also our enemies? and how may we determine that it is the sin we hate and not the sinner? Luke 6:27,28; Z.'99-5 (2nd col. par. 3, 4); Z.'01-331 (2nd col. par. 2, 3); Manna, March 21.


29. What is the relation between love and justice? Z.'02-265, 266; Z.'04-56 (2nd col. par. 2, 3). Z.'02-171 (2nd col. par. 2); Z.'05-287 (2nd col. par. 2, 3).

30. What is the relation between love and benevolence? Z.'01-247 (1st col. par. 2, last sentence); Z.'01-253 [R3850 : page 277] (1st col. par. 2, 3).

31. What is the relation between love and fear? I Jno. 4:18; Z.'98-112 (1st col. par. 4 and 2nd col.)

32. What is the relation between love and knowledge? I Cor. 8:1; E.260 (top of page); Z.'00-184 (1st col. par. 2, 3); Z.'03-42 (1st col. par. 3).

SEPT. 16

33. What is the best evidence of our acceptableness with the Lord? Z.'98-201 (1st col. par. 1); Z.'03-56 (1st col. par. 2).

34. How may we become copies of God's dear Son? Z.'98-201 (2nd col. par. 2, 3); Z.'02-172 (1st col.).

35. How must we keep ourselves in the love of God? Jude 21; Z.'00-184 (2nd col. par. 1); Z.'02-173; Z.'05-139 (2nd col. par. 4); Z.'05-124 (2nd col. par. 4, 5).

36. How should we examine ourselves and overcome the unlovely spirit of criticism and harsh judgment? F.402 par. 2, to 409; Z.'00-73 (2nd col. par. 3); 74 (1st col. par. 1, 2 and 2nd col. par. 3); also 75 (1st col. par. 1); Z.'04-43 (2nd col. par. 5) to 43 (1st col. par. 2).

SEPT. 23

37. How must love deal with evil surmisings? Z.'05-213 (1st col. par. "III" to 2nd col. par. "IV").

38. How shall we fulfil the command, "Love one another"? Z.'99-88 (1st col. par. 3 to 2nd col. par. 2); Z.'03-121 (1st col. par. 2); Z.'98-201 (1st col. par. 2 and 2nd col. par. 1); Z.'05-125 (2nd col. par. 2); Z.'05-297 (1st col. par. 1, 2). And what proprieties should be observed by the New Creation in this respect? F.489 par. 2, to 490.