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AT Scranton, Pa., Sunday, Oct. 21, we had a splendid season of refreshment. A Praise and Testimony meeting was started at 9 a.m., about 200 being present—interested friends from Scranton and surrounding points. It was closed shortly after the arrival of Brother Russell, in charge of a reception committee of six. Then followed the discourse to the interested, a report of which those desiring same already have in the public prints. It related to the manner of the Kingdom, and was intended to stimulate the faith and zeal of those present, to make their calling and election sure.

The afternoon session for the public had been well advertised, and was in the finest and largest auditorium in the city. Of course under those conditions a large audience was secured. The dear Scranton friends had determined to bring the Truth to the attention of their friends and neighbors more thoroughly than ever before, and succeeded splendidly—we understand at an expense of about $300. They seemed greatly pleased that, notwithstanding dark, threatening weather the Lyceum was crowded, about 300 being unable to obtain admittance, but were given with tracts on the topic. It is estimated that 1600 were seated and that 600 stood during the service. We all prayed the Lord's blessing upon our united efforts to glorify his name. Only eternity will show the full results; but we know that no such efforts in his honor are despised by our gracious Lord, whether few or many of the large concourse were blest. Anyway all seemed to feel more than rewarded for the time, money and energy it cost. What a blessed privilege it is to be permitted to be co-laborers with the great Chief Reaper in this "harvest" work! Brother Russell left at 6 p.m., and Brother Samson gave a public discourse in the evening.

At Brantford, Ont., Canada, Brother Russell arrived about 10 a.m. Sunday, October 28. At about the same time others arrived from Hamilton and Toronto. At the meeting place about 200 assembled, and as the Brantford class numbers not above 20 this signified a large attendance from outside places: from Hamilton 14; from Toronto 30, and Chatham, London, Highland Grove, Galt, and many other places, as far away as New Liskeard, were represented. Some of these dear ones arrived Saturday, and their Praise and Testimony meeting began that evening and adjourned at 10 p.m., and was in full tide again on our arrival next morning, and continued until 11 o'clock, affording us an opportunity for hearing some of the praises to God for deliverance from darkness into his marvellous light. Something about the Canadian brethren and sisters reminds us of the friends in Great Britain; they are very whole-souled and warm-hearted. We always greatly enjoy meeting them. They seem to combine reverence for sacred things and fervency of spirit.

Brother Russell's discourse to the interested began promptly at 11 o'clock and lasted for an hour and a half. It was on Matt. 25:31—the coming of our Lord in power and great glory. We need not comment, as those interested already have the newspaper report.

At 3 p.m. the service for the public was held in the "Grand Opera House." The day was dark and threatening, but the house was packed (about 1000), many standing. Several hundred unable to gain admittance were supplied with tracts. Close attention was given and we trust some hearing ears were found. Anyway all in the Truth rejoiced in the hoped-for fruitage of our mutual endeavors. Homeward bound in the evening we had the company of many of the Toronto and Hamilton friends as far as the latter place, and parted singing "God be with you till we meet again," and hoping that it may not be long until "we meet to part no, never, on the resurrection shore."