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INCREASINGLY the evidences multiply which show the power of the fallen angels in the affairs of men. We call attention to the fact that curiosity is the "bait" which they generally use to entrap their victims. Apparently the human mind is so constituted that these "demons" cannot intrude upon it except with its consent: hence the resort to curiosity to gain the consent of the will to investigate. Then gradually the leading is onward into foolishness or perhaps to obsession. Mechanical toys which answer all kinds of questions are amongst these. They are of various designs, but all requiring personal manipulation, and all tending to establish reliance in and communication with the fallen angels who personate the dead and sometimes personate the Lord himself, and give religious counsel in the endeavor to bind to themselves the confidence of mankind.

The more absurd the proposition the more likely will it be to arouse curiosity. It seems absurd to believe that a "Ouija board" can and does answer questions correctly. There is reason to doubt that the operator may have something to do with the movements, and each must try for himself, thus slightly coming under the power of these "wicked spirits." (Eph. 6:12, margin.) The only safe plan is to have nothing whatever to do with "occult powers." They are all "powers of darkness"; for the holy angels do not thus communicate with man during this Gospel Age, and as "the dead know not anything" (Eccl. 9:10) they cannot. Hence all such occult powers are of the lying spirits, with which men may have communion and fellowship only at their peril.

To our surprise, all that we have written on this subject does not keep some of our readers aloof from these snares. We have heard recently of some who were "not afraid to operate a Ouija board." The Truth should and does give courage, but this is not the way to exercise it. Our Lord says, "Fear God,"—that is to say, "Fear to disobey and to offend God." The Apostle says, "Let us fear, lest a promise being left us of entering into his rest we should seem to come short of it." The Editor of this journal fears not what men or demons can do to him, so long as he abides in the loving favor of God; but he would fear to disobey the Lord in respect to having communication with these demons and their various "curious" devices. It is well that we not only remember the promises of God; but let us also remember to be "obedient children." "All things shall work together for good to them that love God—the called ones according to his purpose," and the delusions of the end of this age will not be such as would deceive the very Elect; but we should remember the other side also, namely, that such as would have the special watch-care and deliverance promised must "abide under the shadow of the Almighty." Of such, only, it is written, [R4087 : page 339] "A thousand shall fall at thy side—ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee."

Indeed we fancy that those of us who have been blest with the greater light upon God's plan should be the more loyal to him and should be able to stand severer tests.


The Scriptures clearly teach that in the past God spake unto the fathers miraculously, and so we believe. Yet we would not listen to such "voices" now. We should close our minds against all such revelations either to ourselves or others. It is now the fallen angels that thus seek to commune with us clairaudiently. We should, if such were heard, pray at once to God, "Deliver us from the evil one."

"God hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son"—and his chosen apostles. We have their messages, and these, we are assured, are "able to make us wise unto salvation," and sufficient that the man of God should be thoroughly furnished unto every good word and work. The Apostle Peter also emphasizes this, saying, "We have a more sure word of prophecy [R4087 : page 340] unto which we do well to take heed as unto a light shining in a dark place until the day dawn and the Day-star arise in your hearts."

We know of one "brother" in the Truth recently deceived by the Adversary into foolishness by these "voices" which personated God. It is our duty to warn all against these "seducing spirits" (I Tim. 4:1) and to repeat the caution of God's Word in respect to every teaching of men and demons, "If they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them"—they are of the darkness while we are children of the light.

We have also warned our readers against those claiming gifts of the Spirit, including "unknown tongues." Nevertheless we have just heard of a dear "brother" who was very nearly captured, ensnared, thus by the Adversary. He attended a meeting where "the faithful" evidently became obsessed in some degree. He went to the altar, submitted his will and had already begun to feel a power coming into his arms, which were becoming rigid, when another "brother" went to his rescue. Surely "holy-rolling" trances, fits and frenzies are contrary to the holy Spirit as exhibited by Jesus and his apostles, and denominated "the spirit of a sound mind."

There is much more excuse for the world and the nominal Church than for the Truth people along these lines. We cannot understand how anyone who has read carefully and prayerfully the six volumes of DAWN-STUDIES could be in doubt as to any of these delusions. The explanation of falling into such a trap would surely be that the person had to some extent neglected the study or the practice of the Truth and had measurably lost its spirit. Let us remember that our Lord has provided the full armor for all the soldiers of the cross in this "evil day," but that it remains for us to put it on and use it if we would resist the evil one in our Redeemer's name. All these should know the source of such pranks and communications—they should not be curious. And if they do recognize their source and still dally with them instead of being active and zealous in showing forth the light of Truth, it implies that they are not appreciative of the great privileges they enjoy. Just such we must suppose the Lord will wish to sift out as not "more than conquerors."


We have mentioned Satan's use of human curiosity to entrap the mind. We refer now to mother Eve's seduction by him from loyalty to God. It was the sight of the serpent eating without harm the fruit forbidden to her and Adam that aroused her curiosity. The matter seemed to contradict the divine threat that the eating of that fruit would to Adam and his race mean, "Dying thou shalt die." Too late she found that she had been deceived and that not the effect of the fruit, but the reward of disobedience, was death. So with us, the danger is in leaving God to hearken to and connive with demons—the disloyalty—the neglect of our own grand opportunities in this "harvest" time.

By this we do not mean to be understood as condemning all curiosity and investigation of proper matters, of which there are many. We cannot even condemn the world for having curiosity respecting things occult, for they have not the Word of God to guide them as have we. But surely those who have tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the age to come, and been made partakers of the spirit of holiness,—these are well nigh inexcusable for curiosity along the lines occult. We should always keep in memory that "Secret things belong to God, but things revealed belong to us and to our children always." The revelation granted to us in the Word of God is so complete as to leave no room for legitimate curiosity respecting any of the works of darkness. Any attempt to investigate them tells of our lack of faith in the divine Word!



COMPARE 2 TIM. 3:1-4

"The Roman Catholic Bishop of Elphin, in Ireland (Dr. Clancy), in a pastoral letter read a few weeks ago in his diocese, reveals a sad state of things in modern Irish life in that part of Ireland. The Bishop writes: "The absence of reverence for God and of respect for the awful sacredness of an oath are unhappily prominent features of modern Irish life. Cursing, blaspheming, profane and ribald language of the most revolting character assail the ears of the passers-by in our towns and villages, and the utter disregard for truth, even under the sanction of an oath and the solemn surroundings of our law courts, has become so frequent and so flagrant that, as a consequence, our religion is dishonored and our faith brought into contempt."—Exchange.