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Friends have sent us samples of the "Red Rose Magazine," which has recently been publishing Brother Russell's sermons. The publication is a different class than that usually styled a "magazine" in the United States. We agree with the friends that it cannot be recommended as a family paper. The Lecture Bureau which supplies the sermons has been notified to discontinue the service with the close of the contract, September 18. We understand that the same publishers issue "The Weekly News" and that it is more of a family newspaper: possibly the sermons may appear in the latter journal. Look out for them and act accordingly. In any event be careful to follow our advice set forth in DAWN-STUDIES, VOL. VI.—Be careful of your reading matter and of that which you place in the hands of your family. Weekly papers generally publish "stories" and "sporting news." To this we cannot object. We do object to the sermons appearing in papers wholly given over to stories and in no sense newspapers.

The friends of the Truth will be glad to know that more than three hundred newspapers in the United States and Canada are now publishing sermons. We trust that they will be encouraged by you all in proportion to their general worthiness and especially because of the sermons, and that the editors will receive frequent commendations and encouragements. The "Peoples Pulpit" for June contains a list of such of these papers as give us a clubbing rate and special price. Give these the preference and send subscriptions to us. Colporteurs (who give all their time to the work) taking new subscriptions under this clubbing proposition will receive a credit of 50 cents each on account, as an allowance for the time they may spend in this branch of the service. "Watch Tower" subscribers who have already prepaid for the year may send the difference and obtain the other papers.