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THE PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION was greatly blessed of the Lord and, we believe, accomplished a great work. Many new Classes and many enlarged Classes are amongst the fruits. While we know much of the fruitage of this service in the Lord, a wide-spread, general impression, favorable to the Truth, was made; and what good this has accomplished only eternity will show. The majority of our DRAMAS, both here and in Europe, are idle because the funds necessary to their free presentation have been exhausted. We are not soliciting money, but merely stating facts.

Meantime, the EUREKA DRAMA, described in our issues of August 1st and 15th, 1914, has been accomplishing great success under the Lord's blessing. Not only have thousands been permitted to hear the Good Tidings, but the brethren who have given the exhibitions and have conducted the follow-up work, have received great blessings in their own hearts as a part of their reward for faithfulness to their opportunities. Exhibitions have been given in many small cities and towns in competition with moving pictures, and with good success. However, we recommend, brethren, that the EUREKA outfit be used in places where there are no moving picture theatres. We have the most complete combination of slides of a religious kind to be found anywhere in the world, and we have the finest phonograph presentations of the human voice to be found anywhere. Everybody is astonished at the clearness, at the distinctness of tone with which the lectures and hymns are rendered.


Besides the English, we have the DRAMA records in German, Swedish, Danish and Finnish; and we have in prospect Italian, Spanish and Polish. The latter three, however, we may not be able to supply this year. The foreign records are double price. The hymns can be furnished only in English.

We know of no better way in which to serve the Truth and to interest the public than by the use of the EUREKA DRAMA. After the giving of the three DRAMA exhibitions there comes an opportunity for follow-up work—Class Extension work. We urge nothing; we are merely mentioning the facts so that those who desire and have the opportunity may avail themselves of these privileges. For new readers we will here repeat, briefly,


Any of our readers desiring to purchase for his own use the full set of 96 DRAMA lectures (three PARTS, two hours each) with nine choice introductory, intermission and closing hymns and a portable phonograph, with a carrying case, can have the entire outfit for........... $38.50
The full set of records without phonograph.. 29.00
Carrying case for records................... 1.25 extra.


This outfit is the one especially intended for the CLASS-EXTENSION work. Its three PARTS require only the same number of lecture and music records as foregoing; but, to use to full capacity—the THREE PARTS showing three places at once—each PART should have its own Phonograph, each PART its own Stereopticon, etc. We therefore show each PART complete in itself, as follows: One PART includes one Primo Stereopticon for electric current—Oneida Lens (three for varying distances); special price....................................... $20.00

Variable Rheostat (five amp., ten amp., or fifteen amp.) may be effective for house current or for heavy current arc lights.................................. 6.00

Attachment for Acetylene Gas or Presto Light (useful in places where there is no electric current, but where gas can be taken from an automobile tank)..... 4.00

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DRAMA stereopticon slides, beautifully tinted, with special carrying box and carrying case............. 38.00

One portable Phonograph, one Operator's Book, Lecture and Hymn Records for one PART, and carrying case............................................... 19.50


Total cost per PART, "EUREKA DRAMA," No. Y............. $87.50

Additional would be the expressage from Brooklyn.

The Society would furnish posters, window-cards and free SCENARIO, and would supply the bound SCENARIO for sale in any quantity at one-half retail prices.

PARTS II. and III. would cost exactly the same as the above, the entire THREE PARTS amounting to......................................... $262.50
With only one Stereopticon, one Rheostat, one Acetylene burner and one Phonograph........ 185.00
Expressage extra. Foreign records............ 25.00 extra.

Any Class of Bible Students desiring it may obtain the Y DRAMA by paying $100.00 down and agreeing to pay the remainder in monthly instalments.


This consists of a phonograph and a choice selection of records from the DRAMA and some musical records. A few of these records might be said to be a little shop-worn, but none of them are bad—most of them are strictly new. They are priced so as to bring them within reach of many of our readers who could not afford to purchase the regular DRAMA, but who would like to have some of the records for their own family use and for such of the public as might choose to hear our most wonderful records.

The entire outfit represents a choice selection of twenty of the short lectures of the SCENARIO, four beautiful hymns and a disc-phonograph (concealed horn)—all for $12, or if all new, $15. Expressage extra.

Carrying case for phonograph..................$1.50 extra.
" " " records..................... 1.25 "


The musical records used with the moving pictures of CREATION DRAMA were greatly admired. We have some on hand that were slightly used and some quite new. We will supply these, while they last, at half price.