[R5899 : page 152]


Let me suffer wrong without complaining,
While myself from doing wrong abstaining,
Through Thy grace and strength, O Lord, I pray!
Let me never smite the hand that smites me,
But do good to him who ill requites me;
Thus prepare me for the evil day.

Into Thine own image, Lord, transform me,
To Thy gentle Spirit so conform me
That this lesson never may be lost;
Not the poor oppressed, but the oppressor,
Not the injured, but the proud transgressor,
Is the one who needs our pity most.

My true Peace and Savior, be Thou near me,
That in suffering I may ne'er grow weary;
Be Thou near me to direct my way;
Strengthen Thou my soul when foes assail her,
That Thy patient spirit may not fail her;
Thus prepare me for the evil day.

That herself in patience still possessing,
She may find e'en woes to be a blessing.
Nor account them strange when they arise;
Point her to the happy realms above her,
Prepared by Thee, who dost ever love her;
And gave Thyself for her in sacrifice! Unknown.