[Lam. 1:12]

My sorrow —"A stone of stumbling." (1 Pet. 2:8) R3776:2

[Lam. 1:18]

LORD is righteous —He could not be holy in all his works if he were the author of sin and crime. R1351:4*

[Lam. 1:21]

Of my trouble —Rendered "evil" in "I create evil. (Isa. 45:7) A125

[Lam. 2:1]

Not his footstool —"Heaven is my throne, and earth my footstool." (Acts 7:49) D647
Day of his anger —The period of the reign of sin and death. D649

[Lam. 3:33]

Not afflict willingly —But for their good. R3061:2, R4876:5

[Lam. 3:34]

All the prisoners —Death's captives. A112

[Lam. 3:40]

Try our ways —If our ways are not right they should be amended, not justified. R705:3
Turn again —Pray, being free from condemnation. R5380:2*

[Lam. 4:1]

How is the gold —Representing obedience, consecration. R3703:4

[Lam. 4:22]

Daughter of Edom —Christendom. D15