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"The Day Dawn, or the Gospel in
Type and Prophecy."

The first copy of this work has just been received from the printer, and the entire edition of 4,000 copies will be ready for delivery by the time this paper reaches you. It is a more exhaustive and elaborate work than we had at first expected; more so by far than anything ever presented on the above topics, from our standpoint. It contains 334 pages in clear and distinct type. To give an idea of its size, we would say that it contains about three times as much matter as the "Three Worlds," a book familiar to most of our readers, now out of print.

From the first hasty examination we should say it is a work which will do an inestimable amount of good, and to many, will be an instructor second only to the Word of God. It is written in a plain, unassuming manner, seeming to indicate that the writer had learned that "great I and little you" are no part of the Good News. Both the I and you are as far as possible dropped from notice, and the subject is made so beautifully plain and clear, that many, we believe, will bless God for having been permitted to read it. It is divided into twenty-nine chapters, and like God's book, contains things "both new and old."

We copy from the book, the following terms which are certainly low:

"Price of Day Dawn, in paper covers, 50 cts.
" " " " cloth " 75 "

Those interested and unable to pay, are welcome to a copy free, by asking for it. Our object is to spread the truth, and as we have freely received, we would freely give to such as need.

Address the Publisher, A. D. Jones, Pittsburgh, Pa., or the writer, J. H. Paton, Almont, Michigan."

We hope that every reader of the WATCH TOWER will avail himself at once of these liberal terms. The time arguments alone, clearly and plainly stated, should do you fifty dollars worth of good if not more. Those who can afford to do so, should keep a dozen copies on their loan list.